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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
old wives' tale
▪ It's not true that if trees have a lot of fruit in the autumn it will be a cold winter - that's just an old wives' tale.
▪ And so the old wives' tale continues.
▪ I think it's an old wives' tale that make-up ruins the skin.
▪ Some dismiss these as myth in the sense of old wives' tales.
▪ That's only an old wives' tale.
▪ The old wives' tales that have answered the pleas of fathers for centuries are mostly ineffective.
▪ Whatever doctors, old wives' tales, and the Roman Catholic Church may say, human ovulation is invisible and unpredictable.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wife \Wife\, n.; pl. Wives. [OE. wif, AS. wif; akin to OFries. & OS. wif, D. wijf, G. weib, OHG. w[=i]b, Icel. v[=i]f, Dan. viv; and perhaps to Skr. vip excited, agitated, inspired, vip to tremble, L. vibrare to vibrate, E. vibrate. Cf. Tacitus, [`` Germania'' 8]: Inesse quin etiam sanctum aliquid et providum putant, nec aut consilia earum aspernantur aut responsa neglegunt. Cf. Hussy a jade, Woman.]

  1. A woman; an adult female; -- now used in literature only in certain compounds and phrases, as alewife, fishwife, goodwife, and the like. `` Both men and wives.''
    --Piers Plowman.

    On the green he saw sitting a wife.

  2. The lawful consort of a man; a woman who is united to a man in wedlock; a woman who has a husband; a married woman; -- correlative of husband. `` The husband of one wife.''
    --1 Tin. iii. 2.

    Let every one you . . . so love his wife even as himself, and the wife see that she reverence her husband.
    --Eph. v. 3

  3. To give to wife, To take to wife, to give or take (a woman) in marriage.

    Wife's equity (Law), the equitable right or claim of a married woman to a reasonable and adequate provision, by way of settlement or otherwise, out of her choses in action, or out of any property of hers which is under the jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery, for the support of herself and her children.


Wives \Wives\, n., pl. of Wife.


n. (wife English)

  1. n. a married woman; a man's partner in marriage [syn: married woman] [ant: husband]

  2. [also: wives (pl)]


See wife

Wives (band)

Wives was a hardcore punk/ noise rock trio from Los Angeles, California, U.S. consisting of guitarist Randy Randall, bassist/vocalist Dean Spunt, and drummer Jeremy Villalobos. In the three years the band were together, they released a self-titled 7" on Post Present Medium, as well as a split 7" with K.I.T on Post Present Medium. In September 2004 the band released their first full-length LP, Erect the Youth Problem, on Cold Sweat Records. In June 2005, the band released a split 12" with Moving Units, also on Post Present Medium. In November 2005, following a European tour the band split; a friend, Roy, replaced Jeremy on drums finishing the last leg of the tour with them, playing their farewell show on November 20 at the Highbury Buffalo Bar, London, England. Spunt and Randall reunited to perform the "final" Wives set for the independent film 40 Bands/80 Minutes! which was filmed on March 6, 2006 in Hollywood, CA. Randall and Spunt went on to start No Age shortly after the split while Villalobos, currently plays in Brooklyn trash rock band Pygmy Shrews and power electronics band Whip & the Body.

Usage examples of "wives".

The merchant was accused of having made zina with two of his concubines at the same time, while his four wives and a third concubine were let to watch, and all together those circumstances were haram under Muslim law.

But not to any infants of royal blood, or any who could in future become the wives or concubines of a royal court.

He was a wealthy Persian merchant whose household anderun consisted of the allowable four wives and the usual numerous concubines besides.

An elderly Arab merchant had charged the youngest and comeliest of his four wives with having abandoned him and eloped to the tent of a young and good-looking Russniak.

One of my wives died after trying one of my preparations, but she died with a blissful smile on her lips.

A variant of that preparation gave another of my wives an eminently vivid dream.

I am too old for the purpose, and my two remaining wives would refuse, anyway, to join me in the experiments.

Arabs and Persians had wives, they were not permitted to dine in mixed company.

In the old nomad days, you see, a Mongol lord kept his wives dispersed about his territory, each in her own yurtu, so that wherever he rode he never had to endure a wifeless night.

Some conventicle of old wives and concubines and senior servants had discovered in them some trace of base alloy.

Instead of each man being the Shah of a whole anderun of wives and concubines, every marriageable woman possessed a whole anderun of men, and the legions of her less comely sisters were doomed to spinsterhood.

So I took no opportunity to ravish any chaste Yi wives or virgin Yi daughters.

I am told that he arrived here in Akyab nearly impoverished and nearly alone, with only one of his lesser and younger wives, a few loyal old servants and a not very heavy purse.

I am careful to marry none but wives of my own white race, they keep producing children of disappointingly dark skin.

He doubtless has other wives, as well, but now he wishes to have for his premier wife and Ilkhatun a woman of pure Mongol blood and upbringing.