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interj. 1 An expression of delight. 2 The wailing cry of a ghost. 3 The cry of an owl vb. To make a ''whoo'' sound, of delight, whistle, or of an owl etc.


WHOO is the callsign for Sports Talk 1080 the Team, an AM sports radio station in Orlando, Florida, United States. It broadcasts at a medium-wave frequency of 1080 kHz. It is owned by Genesis Communications.

WHOO is the Orlando area affiliate for NBC Sports Radio. The station was fully switched over on October 1, 2012, and was an affiliate of ESPN Radio prior to then. The station broadcasts three local sports talk shows, The David Baumann Show (6am-9am weekdays), The Whitney Johnson Experience (noon-3pm weekdays) and Tuck and O'Neill (3pm-7pm weekdays), which is hosted by Jerry O'Neill and Mike Tuck. The Dan Patrick Show is also in the programming mix and airs from 9am-noon weekdays.

1080 The Team is also the local affiliate for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Marlins, and Miami Hurricanes football. It is also the local affiliate of Westwood One's NFL coverage, presenting normal Sunday games, Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football.

Usage examples of "whoo".

The old owl waited patiently until his little friend was under the tree, then crying whoo, whoo, off he flew again to the next tree.