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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1926, echoic of the sound of a heavy blow or something falling heavily.


1952, from whomp (n.). Related: Whomped; whomping.


vb. (context slang English) Hit extremely hard.

  1. v. hit with the hand [syn: cuff]

  2. beat overwhelmingly

Usage examples of "whomp".

With a satisfying whomp sail went taut, and Sanneke heeled leeward, her bow suddenly slicing faster through the muddy waters of Galveston Bay.

Jill heard the whomp of the thrusters firing and felt the orbiter shudder as Kittredge, at the aft controls, slowly backed them apart.

Tilly caught him with a powerful whomp, and he lost his balance and spun down.

Gap Dragoness whomped forward, and Grundy had to cling desperately to the bed to prevent himself from flying off at each whomp.

Grundy settled on top of the squishy bed and relaxed as she whomped on.

The harpy spread her own wings almost simultaneously, whomped up, and performed a mar-velous snatch.

I would ordinarily have flipped right over her and whomped into the mat on my barely-healed side.

Centipig was still whomping around, but shortly he would lose interest and move away and we would have lost all the effort we had made.

Mahnmut could see that the thing was probably about sixty meters long along its axis with a small AI brain node hitched in the center of mass like a saddle on a skinny nag, lots of silver manipulators and heavy-metal clamps, and one whomping big high-thrust engine just forward of that huge engine bell, along with scores of tiny thruster quads.

A band of twenty instruments whomped and umpawpawed and tweedled as the crowd milled into place.

You cannot throw a scone in England without hitting a hallowed ancient object such as the actual chair that King Ralph the Easily Amused sat in when he made peace with the Duke of Whomping in 1123.

Edward whomped into the wall of damp body bags on the clothesline, rebounded, and landed in the center of Macon's stomach.

Both feet were coated with honey and Lee's trained bear, Whomper, was licking it off with his long tongue.

But if you whomp up some fake emergency to get my attention, I'll spank you.

But if you whomp up some fake emergency to get my attention, Fll spank you.