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WHOD (94.5 FM, "Dixie 94.5") is a radio station licensed to serve Jackson, Alabama, USA. The station is owned by Capital Assets, Inc.

WHOD airs a classic rock music format featuring programming from ABC Radio and Jones Radio Network. In addition to its usual music programming, WHOD and sister station WBMH air the football and baseball games of Jackson High School, Leroy High School, Washington County High School, Jackson Academy and Clarke Preparatory School. WHOD is also an affiliate of the Crimson Tide Sports Network.

Usage examples of "whod".

Two weeks later, at a crossroads high in the mountains to the north of Takar, Jyrbian caught up with the smaller group whod left Takar with him.

Ice guy, a guy narneacl Fred whod be,, two years behumm, n high school, and hed tuned up Skips truck so Ing as he drove along the -- it was On her dress.

The only thing theyd feared was a slave uprising, and it had been Arnk whod come up with the idea of the One, the All, and the Exultation to tie it all together.

Thieves never made it out of the dungeons alive and bashers, who might be let go if they were thought to be innocent drunks whod just got out of control, were people he tried to avoid.

Agatha Derlicht, whod been inspecting the coopers stock of wooden barrels, casks, tubs, and buckets, watched with her hawk-like eyes as Isaac and Jon approached, body and cow both in tow.

You werent about to commit murder right under Albus Dumbledores nose, for a wreck of a wizard whod lost all of his power, were you?

After leaving the bounty hunter, Han had found a bar owner whod allowed the Corellian to use his comm unit, in return for a couple of credits.

Millicent, whod been killed shortly after her debutante coming-out party, won the massive arm of a weightlifter and wore it around her neck like a fine fur.

It smashed the death stroke aside, and the man whod tried to kill her screamed as Bahzell cut his legs from under him.

As though her thoughts had called him, he appeared, walking around the fire with the loose-limbed self-confidence of a young man whod never been called geek, whod never had a girl turn him down for a date, who was captain of both the football team and the debating club .

The smell filtering up from the bilges made her more than a little homelike, to one whod spent a lot of time in the sewers.

Every Marine whod served long enough to have had to rely on his helmets integral inertial guidance system knew how unreliable it could be over long distances with many turns and no obvious reference points.

One of the wizards whimpered, but the Carnadosan priest whod tried to kill Zarantha was made of sterner stuff.

Hed gone and done it for sure this time) Until now the only one whod ever been able to make a monkey out of him had been an attractive senior in his morning class on torts.

Amberdrake walked in the cooling night air toward the Tower and the semi-mobile city that clustered around it, stopping once to look back at the lonely figure whod wait for all eternity if need be for the Black Gryphons return.