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For the New York City community station, see Washington Heights Free Radio.

WHFR is a low power radio station at 270 watts in Dearborn, Michigan which is operated by Henry Ford Community College. Its frequency is 89.3 MHz FM

WHFR programs alternative variety, music heard little elsewhere on Detroit area radio stations. 40% of the music is classical but the station also features alternative/ modern rock, big band, opera, Americana/ folk, blues, hip hop, jazz, space rock, urban rock, and world music, in addition to a weekly public affairs show. All music shows highlight (as much as possible) new releases, independent labels, and local artists. Through a satellite-delivered service the station provides 60+ hours a week of classical music from Public Radio International.

WHFR-FM 89.3, the College's non-commercial, student-staffed, faculty-guided campus radio station hails from the newly renovated Student Center at Henry Ford Community College. Back in 1962, WHFR began as a student radio club with only a double-closet-sized room for operating a public address system to the dining room, providing a variety of music and campus announcements during weekday hours. However, the club's mission since its start was to start a real broadcast station, serving the unique music and information needs of the community, as well as the students at HFCC.

By 1978, the HFCC administration, recognizing the spirit and seeing the dedication, applied for an FM broadcast license from the Federal Communications Commission. The license was granted in 1979, but the preparations necessary to broadcast (construction, equipment, staffing, and budget) took until 1985 to get worked out, when the station went on the air.

Beginning with only six hours a day/six days a week, with all shows prerecorded, WHFR grew steadily as it proved itself and attracted more volunteers, first going "live" in 1987 (for three hours a week). In 1988, with a schedule of 12 hours a day, the WHFR staff was stretched thin and moved all of its equipment and music library out of the Student Center and into the new HFCC Fine Arts Center. Since 1997, the station has achieved a 24/7 broadcasting schedule, with the help of over 60 student and alumni volunteers.

Among their achievements and awards by the Michigan Association of Educational Broadcasters and the MAB Michigan Association of Broadcasters, WHFR-FM is also locally recognized as the most diverse station in the state. They've been recognized for this achievement in several newspaper and website polls.

WHFR's broadcast guide is available every day on their website and features college alternative including indie rock, punk, blues, metal, jazz, classical, opera, choral music, world music, americana/folk, techno, grrl groups and video game soundtracks. Most shows fit a 2-hour time slot, and the format changes for each show.