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a. Alternative spelling of '''noncommercial'''.


Non-commercial (also spelled noncommercial) refers to an activity or entity that does not, in some sense, involve commerce, at least relative to similar activities that do have a commercial objective or emphasis. For example, advertising-free community radio stations are typically nonprofit organizations staffed by individuals volunteering their efforts to air a wide variety of radio programming, and do not run explicit radio advertisements, included in the United States specific grouping of " non-commercial educational" (NCE) public radio stations. Some Creative Commons licenses include a "non-commercial" option, controversial in definition and application.

Usage examples of "non-commercial".

This is an especially grave matter in academic publishing where small circulation magazines do not allow their content to be quoted or published even for non-commercial purposes.

This would throw the literary market open to new talent, fresh ideas and non-commercial writing.

You're so used to purchasing whatever you wish by the simple means of your dollars, that you cannot conceive of things that are non-commercial, non-negotiable, non-subject to any kind of trade.

Yoshoto, along with a half-dozen or so non-commercial paintings of mine that I'd brought with me from France.

The non-commercial byproducts such as uranium were discarded wherever convenient.