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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A trolley was wheeled past by two brutish-looking orderlies chewing gum.
▪ He made a pass across the small cluster of dwellings, wheeled and dipped down for a second pass.
▪ Many residents have some kind of support which is usually a stick, a Zimmer or wheeled frame or a wheelchair.
▪ More expensive wheeled models are available and are easier to handle, but they might need more room to manoeuvre.
▪ Out of the sky another rook flew and wheeled and then landed at the entrance to the place.
▪ Price from £345.92 Left: From Nova's Imperial range, a comfortable wheeled lounger to sit and relax in.
▪ The Doc pushed the wheeled table back against the wall, giving her some space.
▪ Then a doctor appeared and more bustle followed, until a wheeled stretcher was pushed out and Robbie was wheeled away.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wheel \Wheel\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Wheeled; p. pr. & vb. n. Wheeling.]

  1. To convey on wheels, or in a wheeled vehicle; as, to wheel a load of hay or wood.

  2. To put into a rotatory motion; to cause to turn or revolve; to cause to gyrate; to make or perform in a circle. ``The beetle wheels her droning flight.''

    Now heaven, in all her glory, shone, and rolled Her motions, as the great first mover's hand First wheeled their course.


Wheeled \Wheeled\, a. Having wheels; -- used chiefly in composition; as, a four-wheeled carriage.

  1. 1 Having wheels. 2 (context in combination English) Having the specified number or type of wheels. v

  2. (en-past of: wheel)


adj. having wheels; often used in combination [ant: wheelless]

Usage examples of "wheeled".

The Duchesse de Luynes allowed the special wheelbarrow she had had made in acajou to be wheeled by the flower girls who were her teammates.

Down in the village decisions were made, things were done, life went on in the knowledge that in her old wheeled shepherding hut on the hills Granny Aching was there, watching.

He wheeled, dodged between two Danes, end vanished down a game trail with alacritous churning of short legs.

And that was the way they came in, with the uniforms saluting as Pio wheeled the Alfa under the portal and into the interior courtyard.

The bull wheeled, somewhat in the same manner as when the banderilleros were placing their darts.

The Grand Master made a speech, which Borel could not hear, and then the knights wheeled away and trotted back to their respective ends of the field.

As Cardona, Larry and Shalley surged for Marquin, with Brye and Margaret close behind him, The Shadow wheeled away.

He stopped, wheeled round, caught the table with both hands, and leaned over to Bunning, who stood, his mouth open, his cap and gown still on.

She came back in, pushing a wheeled serving cart upon which sat a silver caffe pot, a spoon, and a single caffe cup with saucer.

Twitchy lips were frozen, as Cokey wheeled to stare at the rear door of the tiny room.

Dido Alstrong wheeled and strode out--I had moved a bit to one side, the interior of the cocktail place was inadequately lighted as such establishments usually are, and Dido Alstrong obviously did not notice me.

Skate and Dingbat heard the noise and wheeled about, tugging guns from their hips.

Remo, and Farger wheeled the car around while the detectives wheeled their car around.

She fought on, striking out wildly, destroying any feeder who would look at her, forcing some to cringe away as she wheeled on them, thrashing against those who tried to crawl over her.

Like lightning the great beasts wheeled upon her, and I looked to see her torn to pieces before I could reach her side, but instead the creatures slunk to her feet like puppies that expect a merited whipping.