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The name Weyoun refers to a number of fictional characters from the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in which they are portrayed by Jeffrey Combs. These characters are, however, almost exclusively referred to in the singular as simply Weyoun, because each Weyoun is a clone of the original, and there is usually only one Weyoun at any one time; subsequent Weyouns are activated following the death of the previous.

In the series, Weyoun is a diplomat and advisor of the Vorta species who is a member of the ruthless and militaristic Gamma quadrant state the Dominion. Like all Vorta, Weyoun is officious and sycophantic, always deferring to the Founders yet being ruthless in dealing with enemies and those under his command.

Combs, who also played the recurring character of Brunt on Deep Space Nine, stated that he preferred playing Weyoun.