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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a well-to-do suburb
▪ a well-to-do young woman
▪ Educational facilities are best in the more well-to-do residential areas.
▪ He wants to find a husband from a well-to-do background for his daughter.
▪ Surprisingly, police statistics show that many of these thefts were carried out by people from well-to-do families.
▪ A lot of our well-to-do customers liked it blue.
▪ Although her father was a well-to-do market trader, his wealth was modest by comparison with that of the new jet-set.
▪ Fedorov must be at least well-to-do, probably rich.
▪ He would spend all his time with well-to-do society people, though he hadn't got their sort of money.
▪ San Giovanni seems to have been the well-to-do area, as one would expect, since it included the cathedral.
▪ The children of well-to-do parents do much better than the children of poorer parents -- just as they do here.
▪ The less well-to-do may encourage early marriage and give priority to settling down to stable family life.
▪ The Westons were now well-to-do, and there was no necessity for work, either of a lawful or unlawful kind.

a. rich; prosperous. n. People who are comparatively well off.


adj. in fortunate circumstances financially; moderately rich; "they were comfortable or even wealthy by some standards"; "easy living"; "a prosperous family"; "his family is well-situated financially"; "well-to-do members of the community" [syn: comfortable, easy, prosperous, well-fixed, well-heeled, well-off, well-situated]

Usage examples of "well-to-do".

I threw in the job now, it was certain that Angers or someone in the traffic department with a direct emotional involvement in the situation would be ordered to solve the problem to the taste of the governmentor rather, of their well-to-do supporters.

Moslem law courts attached to the Great Mosque of Tunis and from an extremely respected and well-to-do Tunis beylical family, and yet the Khaznadar villa always reminded Cynthia Guffin of a small, rather lackadaisically kept English country vicarage.

He owned an old French Colonial in Saigon, but spent the bulk of his time at his house in Binh Khoi, one of the flower townscommunities built at the turn of the century, intended to provide privacy and comfort for well-to-do Vietnamese whose sexual preferences did not conform to communist morality.

Thanks to a strong Deutschmark, a large contingent of well-to-do Germans had come ready to buy.

Jeremiah and Stavros were returning from an all-night service at the home of one of their new communicants, a well-to-do hotelkeeper who lived in the wealthier part of the city, near the palace.

There was no indication in the letter that the writer, whose name was Eliot Rosewater, was a grownup, was fabulously well-to-do.

There were some terribly well dressed and well-to-do people at the Sacher Bar, but when my father and I came in, they all looked at him with a heartbreaking kind of envy.

The shortcoat and waistcoat must have been stolen from some well-to-do laird.

The well-to-do wore thermally adaptive clothes for the first time, which left the tonier shopping districts looking as if they had been invaded by aliens in polyester jogging suits and respirators, while the rest of us beetled down the street in bulging parkas or stuck as close as possible to the skywalks.

This singular law, which had the possible effect of inducing high almoners to encourage suicide among well-to-do persons of the lower and middle classes, was afterward rescinded.

Other villages and farms, while just as well-kept and well-to-do, have, so to say, a something romantic about their prosperity, a bounteous, ruddy, golden-age look about them, as though Nature herself had been the farmer and they had ruddied and ripened out of her own unconscious abundance--the difference between a row of modern box beehives and the old thatched-cottage kind.

The men who managed their campaigns and headed their tickets were usually well-to-do farmers drafted from the ranks, with no more political experience than perhaps a term or two in the state legislature.

In contrast to the many well-to-do Florentines who fled the city in dread, he stood fast throughout the epidemic.

On the contrary, the hackers of this conference were mostly well-to-do Californian high-tech CEOs, consultants, journalists and entrepreneurs.

However, it was not one of William favourite areas of London, where well-to-do had once lived in fine houses--designed over a century ago in the Italian style by Inigo Jones, until other developments further west were built and the rich and aristocratic moved out, resulting in the decline of the fashionable status of Covent Garden.