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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Weasand \Wea"sand\, n. [OE. wesand, AS. w[=a]send; akin to OFries. w[=a]sende, w[=a]sande; cf. OHG. weisunt.] The windpipe; -- called also, formerly, wesil. [Formerly, written also, wesand, and wezand.]

Cut his weasand with thy knife.


n. 1 The oesophagus; the windpipe; the trachea. 2 The throat in general.


Weasand may refer to:

  • Weasand, a term for the oesophagus, obsolete as regards human anatomy, but current in the meatpacking industry
    • Weasand clip, a device in meatpacking for closing off the weasand
  • Weasand (comics), a minor adversary of Batman
  • A geographical term denoting a narrow place
    • Weasand of Cados, a fictional location in Tales of Vesperia

Usage examples of "weasand".

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