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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Carl thus became the first and possibly the only man ever to successfully lasso musk ox, polar bears, and walrus.
▪ He had a grey walrus moustache and was wearing a collarless shirt with the sleeves rolled up.
▪ He stared at the old stooped man with the thinning grey hair and bushy walrus moustache who controlled the nation's money.
▪ He was a tall heavy-set man of about sixty, bald, with a brick-red face and a walrus moustache.
▪ He was thick-set, with thinning hair brushed back, a magnificent walrus moustache and several missing teeth.
▪ It makes you look like a walrus.
▪ The walrus followed us in to the shallows, and we hurriedly jumped out on to the shore to get better pictures.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Walrus \Wal"rus\, n. [D. walrus; of Scand. origin; cf. Dan valros, Sw. vallross, Norw. hvalros; literally, whale horse; akin to Icel. hrosshvalr, AS. horshw[ae]l. See Whale, and Horse.] (Zo["o]l.) A very large marine mammal ( Trichecus rosmarus) of the Seal family, native of the Arctic Ocean. The male has long and powerful tusks descending from the upper jaw. It uses these in procuring food and in fighting. It is hunted for its oil, ivory, and skin. It feeds largely on mollusks. Called also morse.

Note: The walrus of the North Pacific and Behring Strait ( Trichecus obesus) is regarded by some as a distinct species, by others as a variety of the common walrus.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1650s, from Dutch walrus, which was probably a folk-etymology alteration (by influence of Dutch walvis "whale" and ros "horse") of a Scandinavian word, such as Old Norse rosmhvalr "walrus," hrosshvalr "a kind of whale," or rostungr "walrus." Old English had horschwæl, and later morse, from Lapp morsa or Finnish mursu, which ultimately might be the source, much garbled, of the first element in Old Norse rosmhvalr.


n. (context countable English) A large Arctic marine mammal related to seals and having long tusks, tough, wrinkled skin, and four flippers, (taxlink Odobenus rosmarus species noshow=1).


n. either of two large northern marine mammals having ivory tusks and tough hide over thick blubber [syn: seahorse, sea horse]

Walrus (comics)

The Walrus is a comedic Marvel Comics supervillain and an enemy of Spider-Man and Frog-Man.

Walrus (disambiguation)

A Walrus is a large, flippered marine mammal.

"Walrus" may also refer to:

Walrus (locomotive)

Walrus is a diesel locomotive currently on the Groudle Glen Railway. Walrus has a sister locomotive called Dolphin.

Usage examples of "walrus".

It is a happy Sunday party, all the picnickers in heavy clothes, the ladies with clasped parasols, the men with bowler hats and walrus moustaches, all handsomely arrayed on a blanket in a clearing, against a backdrop of steeply slanting shafts of light and trees of unbelievable grandeur.

In our own bed, Reamy, another walrus, inches closer and we fall asleep.

Kiolya when they starved to death because the white men decimated the walrus.

Sherwood came upon some exotic trinkets, simple but impressive carvings of bears, in bone and walrus ivory.

One April morning Kesshoo was working on his kyak to make sure that it was in perfect order for the spring walrus hunting.

Then all the men in the village would rush for their kyaks and set out after the walrus.

The men were brave and enjoyed the dangerous sport, but the women used to watch anxiously until they saw the kyaks coming home towing the walrus behind them.

Then they would rush down to the shore, help pull the kyaks up on the beach, where they cut the walrus in pieces and divided it among the families of the hunters.

Koolee set up the tent beside their old igloo, and there they lived while the men of the village went out every day in their kyaks for seal and walrus, or back into the hills after other game to store away for food during the long winter.

Dickens came into his own as he chirped and twittered and then dropped his voice to moan like a walrus, all the while both telling about this Micawber fellow and, apparently, emulating him.

Jason Lynn with the girl--the one who had made the trip--placed his hands on his face, twisted at his features, and waxlike substance and the walrus mustaches came off.

He cleaned the athame he used for private incantations by running his left thumb and forefinger over the blade of walrus ivory.

Or when the weather was bad, by signs she caused Pag to give her dressed skins and sinews, also splinters of ivory from the tusks of the walrus.

A walrus spouts much like a whale, but the walrus is not a fish, because he is amphibious.

A snuffling, chuffling, snorting followed, as of a laboring walrus climbing a slope.