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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ It was a Soviet-built apartment with a walk-in wardrobe and red velvet curtains partitioning rooms.
▪ Mini-suites offer a sitting area, tub and shower and a walk-in closet.
▪ She also said she was locked in a walk-in freezer by two male workers.
▪ She clumped across the star-patterned mosaic towards the walk-in cupboard where the ski-gear was kept.
▪ The walk-in centre is the result of two years' struggle by an international group of scientists to realise an ideal.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1928, "without appointment," from the verbal phrase, from walk (v.) + in (adv.). As a noun, meaning "walk-in closet," by 1946.


a. 1 (context of a place English) that people may enter without a prior appointment 2 (context of a thief English) that gains access through unlocked doors 3 (context of a defector etc English) that walks into an embassy etc unannounced 4 (context US of a cinema English) not a drive-in 5 (context of a room English) entered without an intervening passage n. 1 a walk-in room or closet 2 a walk-in defector etc. 3 (context parapsychology English) A person whose original soul has departed the body and been replaced with another. 4 A customer who visits a restaurant, hair salon, etc. without a reservation.


adj. (of e.g. closets or refrigerators) extending very far enough back to allow a person to enter; "a deep walk-in refrigerator"; "walk-in closets" [syn: walk-in(a)]

  1. n. person who walks in without having an appointment; "the emergency room was overrun with walk-ins"

  2. an operative who initiates his own defection (usually to a hostile country) for political asylum

  3. an assured victory (especially in an election) [syn: waltz]

  4. a small room large enough to admit entrance


A walk-in is a new-age concept of a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and has been replaced with a new soul, either temporarily or permanently.

Believers maintain that it is possible for the original soul of a human to leave a person's body and for another soul to "walk in". Souls are said to "walk-in" usually during an accident or trauma. The individual either regains consciousness as a "walk-in" without memory of the past, depending on the severity of the experience, or may not lose consciousness but feel they have experienced death and rebirth in one lifetime. Individuals who feel they are "walk-ins" might need assistance to relearn walking, reading, writing, and basic daily tasks. This is supposed to give the new soul a chance to develop and integrate through the trauma. Some believers speculate that the original soul leaves when it has fulfilled what it came here to do, and the same body is used again for another soul to fulfill their purpose on earth.

Walk-In (comics)

Walk-In is a comic book series, published starting in 2006, created by musician David A. Stewart, Jeff Parker, and Ashish Padlekar. The series is part of Virgin Comics' "Virgin Voices" line, the purpose of which is to let artists from other mediums create comics.

Usage examples of "walk-in".

King, and King lived in an area that was a magnet for what Cullum called walk-ins.

He thought both he and Roland had a pretty good idea of how to get out of this world, suspected Stephen King himself could direct them to Turtle-back Lane in Lovell, where reality was thin and according to John Cullum, at least the walk-ins had been plentiful of late.

It was an article of faith with him that all Soviet walk-ins worldwide were dispatched agents, since the Soviet mole inside the Company would have warned Moscow Centre the moment he got wind of a defection, and a genuine defector would be eliminated before he could organize the defection.

Her walk-in closet was double-hung and packed with lawyerish skirt suits, summer dresses, dinner dresses, winter coats.

The bath had matching taupe towels and a cool tiled shower, plus a giant walk-in closet.

The walls, the paneling, the pervasive heaviness of nearly new fixtures, the colossal firedogs, the walk-in fireplaces of bright new stone referred back through the centuries to a time of lonely castles in mute forests.

When the homa was mixed and automatically poured into large containers, Jenna dragged those containers onto wide, low air carts and took them to one of four walk-in coolers called cold stores, each larger than her old quarters in Shamara.

Reservations are recommended at least a day in advance on weekdays, and at least a week in advance on weekends, but walk-ins are welcome too.

It was said that the emergency rooms and walk-in clinics of the Queen City were frequently jammed by periodic influxes of out-of-towners who had unwisely attempted to eat beignets and talk at the same time, almost choking to death in the process.

He pulled Caralie into the dark confines of the walk-in metal container.

I moved to the L-shaped counter, where a uniformed officer monitored the walk-in trade.

On the far wall, two doors stood open, one leading to a small bathroom, the other into what was clearly a spacious walk-in closet.

At one end of the room, double doors stood open to reveal a large walk-in closet the size of my loft.

Fiona had been moving back and forth from the bed to the walk-in closet, carrying blouses and skirts, which she hung on matching white satin-padded hangers.

There were rooms beyond that one, small corridors that twisted back on themselves, even a walk-in closet that had been made to house a Hunt Shoppe display.