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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wae \Wae\, n. A wave. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

obsolete or dialectal Scottish form of woe.


init. 1 (context telecommunications English) Wireless Application Environment. 2 (context computing English) Web Application Extension. 3 (context US government English) While actually employed.


WAE or wae may refer to:

  • London Waterloo East railway station
  • Wa (Japan), the oldest recorded name of Japan
  • Wadi al-Dawasir Domestic Airport, in Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
  • Walking Across Egypt, a 1999 American film
  • Walser German
  • Wireless Application Environment, part of the Wireless Application Protocol suite
Wae (hangul)

is one of the Korean hangul. The Unicode for ㅙ is U+3159.

Usage examples of "wae".

Then he resolved to force their lines: this service was effectually performed by Coehorn, at the point of Callo, and by baron Spaar, in the county of Waes, near Stoken.

Rabia's death in childbed had ended Chiana's time in Catha Heights, and she had lived in Waes again for a time before Kiele had caught her trying to seduce Lord Lyell.

Andrade had recalled Hollis to the keep with the understanding that the young woman would be part of her suite at Waes.

Kittle cattle, women, kittle cattle: but it's wersh and wae without them.