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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ To win again in 1996 the Clintons must address the country's economic woes first.
▪ The threat of at least one multi-million-dollar fine facing Koons and Sonnabend compounds their financial woes at this moment.
▪ His arrival and the Raiders' existing financial woes have had an impact on various areas of the organization.
▪ He said first he had to deal with the provincial government's financial woes and an economic downturn.
▪ Keith will play with Amy but woe betide her if she does not hand him toys, her food etc.
▪ The rules and regulations of her domain are established, and woe betide members of the household who break them.
▪ She patrolled the aisles like a gaoler and woe betide you if that heavy tread stopped at your desk.
▪ The teacher would call us up to the front of the class to recite it, and woe betide anyone who faltered.
▪ Everything was meant to have been thought out and planned, and woe betide any signs of undue excitement or stress.
▪ Bullying and overpowering, he believed that might was right and woe betide anyone who stood in his way.
▪ If she answered back, woe betide her.
▪ A short, dumpy lady shaped rather like a cottage loaf, she seldom smiled and woe betide anyone not paying attention.
▪ Seven minutes later Raul added to Valencia's woes, slipping the third past Canizares after running from inside his own half.
▪ The winter's rail disruption, floods and snow added to retailers' woes as shoppers stayed at home.
tale of woe
▪ He bore a tale of woe from the Old World.
▪ His morose ruminations were interrupted by Benny Katz, who wanted anyone he could find to listen to his tale of woe.
▪ I spend a lot of time recounting tales of woe from friends and readers, but this one is my own.
▪ Their musical tales of woe and spiritual import were needed more than ever.
woe betide sb
▪ I saw more of human agony and woe than l trust I will ever again be called on to witness.
▪ Keith will play with Amy but woe betide her if she does not hand him toys, her food etc.
▪ She thought of the baby only as her last blunder in loving, a mistake leading her nearer to this dreadful woe.
▪ The image left by these events was of a company besieged by technical, legal, marketing and customer-service woes.
▪ The Magic situation is symbolic of the Lakers' woes.
▪ You must listen to their interminable tales of marital woe.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Woe \Woe\, n. [OE. wo, wa, woo, AS. w[=a], interj.; akin to D. wee, OS. & OHG. w[=e], G. weh, Icel. vei, Dan. vee, Sw. ve, Goth. wai; cf. L. vae, Gr. ?. [root]128. Cf. Wail.]

  1. Grief; sorrow; misery; heavy calamity.

    Thus saying, from her side the fatal key, Sad instrument of all our woe, she took.

    [They] weep each other's woe.

  2. A curse; a malediction.

    Can there be a woe or curse in all the stores of vengeance equal to the malignity of such a practice?

    Note: Woe is used in denunciation, and in exclamations of sorrow. `` Woe is me! for I am undone.''
    --Isa. vi. 5.

    O! woe were us alive [i.e., in life].

    Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker!
    --Isa. xlv. 9.

    Woe worth, Woe be to. See Worth, v. i.

    Woe worth the chase, woe worth the day, That costs thy life, my gallant gray!
    --Sir W. Scott.


Woe \Woe\, a. Woeful; sorrowful. [Obs.]

His clerk was woe to do that deed.
--Robert of Brunne.

Woe was this knight and sorrowfully he sighed.

And looking up he waxed wondrous woe.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 12c., from the interjection, Old English wa!, a common exclamation of lament in many languages (compare Latin , Greek oa, German weh, Lettish wai, Old Irish fe, Welsh gwae, Armenian vay).


a. (context obsolete English) woeful; sorrowful n. 1 grief; sorrow; misery; heavy calamity. 2 A curse; a malediction.

  1. n. misery resulting from affliction [syn: suffering]

  2. intense mournfulness [syn: woefulness]


Woe may refer to:

  • Sadness or suffering
  • Woe, Ghana, a town in Ghana's Volta region
  • War of Emperium, a guild war in the MMORPG Ragnarok Online
  • Wings Over Europe, a combat flight simulator
  • WOEID (Where On Earth IDentifier), a geolocation taxonomy used by Yahoo! web services and others
  • An acronym for "working on excellence" made by Drake.
Woe (band)

Woe is an American black metal band formed in 2007 in Philadelphia. Originally a solo project of Chris Grigg, the band now includes guitarist Ben Brand and bass guitarist Grzesiek Czapla as permanent members.

Usage examples of "woe".

To her all the wreckage of the slums, all the woe lying beneath gilded life, all the abominations, all the tortures that remain unknown, were carried.

Juss, enforcing his half frozen limbs to resume the ascent, beheld a sight of woe too terrible for the eye: a young man, helmed and graithed in dark iron, a black-a-moor with goggle-eyes and white teeth agrin, who held by the neck a fair young lady kneeling on her knees and clasping his as in supplication, and he most bloodily brandishing aloft his spear of six foot of length as minded to reave her of her life.

How to her grace I might anon attain, And tell my woe unto my sovereign.

They show that sin and woe are not arbitrarily bounded by the limits of time and sense in the grave, and that nothing can ever exhaust or destroy the satisfaction of true life, faith in the love of God: it abides, blessed and eternal, in the uninterrupted blessedness and eternity of its Object.

My health had scarcely returned, when I forgot all my woes and began once more to amuse myself.

She began her wretched tale, which struck me with consternation, for I could not help feeling that I was the first and final cause of this long list of woes.

Not in the yesterdays of that still life Which I have passed so free and far from strife, But somewhere in this weary world I know, In some strange land, beneath some orient clime, I saw or shared a martyrdom sublime, And felt a deeper grief than any later woe.

Sassenach or Gael, Nor note of music in the land, my cureless woe to quail.

I sighed beneath its wave to hide my woes, The rising tempest sung a funeral dirge, And on the blast a frightful yell arose.

William Dobbin retreated to a remote outhouse in the playground, where he passed a half-holiday in the bitterest sadness and woe.

The long imprisonment, the privations of hunger, the scourging by the elements, the death of four out of every five of our number had indeed dulled and stupefied us--bred an indifference to our own suffering and a seeming callosity to that of others, but there still burned in our hearts, and in the hearts of every one about us, a dull, sullen, smoldering fire of hate and defiance toward everything Rebel, and a lust for revenge upon those who had showered woes upon our heads.

Sad as I may seem to thee, I am happier far than thou, Lady, whose imperial brow Is endiademed with woe.

But in his countenance I saw a change: that looked desperate and brooding -- that reminded me of some wronged and fettered wild beast or bird, dangerous to approach in his sullen woe.

And then Felix Gussing told his tale of woe, as will be found in the next chapter.

The dreadful Nina Bergonci, who had made a madman of Count Ricla, and was the source of all my woes at Barcelona, had come to Bologna at the beginning of Lent, occupying a pleasant house which she had taken.