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Vulcain is a family of European first stage rocket engines for the Ariane 5. Its development began in 1988 and the first flight was completed in 1996. The updated version of the engine – Vulcain 2 was first successfully flown in 2005. Both members of the family use liquid oxygen/ liquid hydrogen cryogenic fuel. no new version of the engine is in development.

Vulcain (ship)

France has had at least three ships named Vulcain:

  • , a 110-gun ship of the line launched in 1806. She was renamed Commerce (1830), Borda (1839), and finally Vulcain (1863) and was scrapped in 1885.

  • Vulcain, an , launched in 1943 as , transferred to France as Vulcain in 1951, and transferred again to the Republic of China as Wu Tai in 1957. Her fate is unknown.
  • Vulcain (M611), a Vulcain-class minesweeper launched in 1986 and currently in service.
Vulcain (disambiguation)

Vulcain is the French for Vulcan

Vulcain may refer to:

  • Vulcain, family of European first-stage rocket engines for the Ariane 5
  • Vulcain (band), a French heavy metal band
  • Vulcain (ship), a number of ships named Vulcain
    • Vulcain (M611), part of the French Navy, for sweeping mines
  • Vulcain Prize, full name, "Vulcain Prize of the Technical Artist", independent film award for feature films at the Cannes Film Festival official selection rewarding a technician for his collaboration in the creation of a film
  • Vulcain Watches, a Swiss watch manufacturer established in 1858 and inventor of the alarm complication for wristwatches.
Vulcain (M611)

Vulcain (M611) is a minesweeper of the French Navy, of the BBPD type (French: bâtiment-base de plongeurs démineurs, "mothership for mine disposal swimmers"). She is based in Cherbourg Naval Base, in Cherbourg, France, and is run by the 1st GPD Groupement de Plongeurs démineurs, a group of French Army deminers. Since 16 May 1987, she has been symbolically linked with the town of Honfleur. The personnel on board usually comprises 12 divers, 1 medical officer and 1 nurse.

Other BBPDs of the Vulcain type are:

  • BBPD Styx - M614
  • BBPD Pluton - M622
  • BBPD Achéron - A613
Vulcain (band)

Vulcain is a French hard rock and heavy metal band formed in 1981 by Daniel Puzio (vocals and guitar) and his brother Vincent Puzio (bass). The group also included Didier Lohezic (guitar) and Franck Vilatte (drums). They released a first demo in 1982 with "Private" and after winning a 1984 contest, a second demo with "Media 7". Soon after they were signed to Ebony Records in 1984, releasing their debut album Rock 'n' Roll Secours. The music critics dubbed them the "French Motörhead".

In 1985, Franck Vilatte quit the band and was replaced by drummer Marc Varez. 1988, saw a further change in the line-up with Didier Lohezic being replaced by guitarist Franck Pilant. In 1989 Franck Pilant quit and Marcos Arieta joined in as a second guitarist in 1992 for two years, and with his departure the band turned into a trio. In 1998, the band released their last official album Stoppe la machine and split the same year.