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Vratnik may refer to:

  • Vratnik, a neighbourhood of Stari Grad, Sarajevo ( Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Vratnik Pass (Bulgaria), a mountain pass over the Balkan Mountain
  • Vratnik pass (Croatia), a mountain pass over the Velebit
  • Vratnik, Lika-Senj County, a village near Senj, Croatia
  • Vratnik Samoborski, a village near Samobor, Croatia
Vratnik (Sarajevo)

Vratnik is a neighborhood in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Built in the 18th century AD, the fortified city Stari grad Vratnik (English: The old Vratnik town), lies in this neighborhood and is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2005.

Vratnik is of Slavic origin and is derived from the form Bratnik, which appears in the Turkish documents in the second half of the 15th century. Others believe, Vratnik name comes from the word "vrata" (gateway or door). The old Vratnik fort is associated with its location alongside the roads by which persons and goods entered the town from east at that time. The "Imperial Road" (Carska Džada), road from Sarajevo via Višegrad to Istanbul, led over Vratnik for centuries.

Vratnik is a tourist attraction primarily due to its old town architecture and Sarajevo city view lookouts.