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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Volcanic cone

Volcanic \Vol*can"ic\, a. [Cf. F. volcanique, It. vulcanico.]

  1. Of or pertaining to a volcano or volcanoes; as, volcanic heat.

  2. Produced by a volcano, or, more generally, by igneous agencies; as, volcanic tufa.

  3. Changed or affected by the heat of a volcano.

    Volcanic bomb, a mass ejected from a volcano, often of molten lava having a rounded form.

    Volcanic cone, a hill, conical in form, built up of cinders, tufa, or lava, during volcanic eruptions.

    Volcanic foci, the subterranean centers of volcanic action; the points beneath volcanoes where the causes producing volcanic phenomena are most active.

    Volcanic glass, the vitreous form of lava, produced by sudden cooling; obsidian. See Obsidian.

    Volcanic mud, fetid, sulphurous mud discharged by a volcano.

    Volcanic rocks, rocks which have been produced from the discharges of volcanic matter, as the various kinds of basalt, trachyte, scoria, obsidian, etc., whether compact, scoriaceous, or vitreous.

Volcanic cone

Volcanic cones are among the simplest volcanic landforms. They are built by ejecta from a volcanic vent, piling up around the vent in the shape of a cone with a central crater. Volcanic cones are of different types, depending upon the nature and size of the fragments ejected during the eruption. Types of volcanic cones include stratocones, spatter cones, tuff cones, and cinder cones.

Usage examples of "volcanic cone".

As he continued his chanted prayer, the bright edge of the sun rose above the eastern lip of the volcanic cone.

Out of the jungle tangle, forging ahead through jagged lava beds, Doc's party was within close view of the squat volcanic cone.

Those same peaks which stand behind us even now, with their central volcanic cone whose lava vents are guarded - according to the Ferenc, at least - by sword-snouted monsters.

On the outside of the volcanic cone the foundry buildings collapsed in clouds of dust and slid down in ruin.

Glowing back at him was an orbital image of a red volcanic cone, isolated in the desert like an anthill in a sandbox.

She hissed and drove on, up Echus, toward the steep volcanic cone of Tharsis Tholis.

They drove by night and slept by day, in their old pattern, and in two nights made their way across Echus Chasma to Tharsis Tholus, a volcanic cone on the northern edge of the Tharsis bulge.

Which was why she now addressed a meeting of all her generals, within the natural amphitheatre formed by an extinct volcanic cone close to her own headquarters.

And then come three urgent pings in a row, bright splotch of red on the screen, big new plume of smoke must be rising out of the main volcanic cone sitting up there on top of the Orange Freeway where the intersection with the Pomona Freeway used to be.