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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
viva voce
▪ In May she came to Oxford for her D. Phil viva.
▪ Remember vivas and interviews; candidates dig their own pits quite happily, with minimal help from the examiners.
Viva Mandela!
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Viva \Vi"va\, interj. [It.] Lit., (long) live; -- an exclamation expressing good will, well wishing, etc. -- n. The word viva, or a shout or sound made in uttering it.

A wilder burst of ``vivas''.
--R. H. Davis.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from Italian viva "(long) live, may he (or she) live," third person singular present subjunctive of vivere "to live," from Latin vivere "to live" (see vital). Probably reborrowed (1836) from Spanish viva, from vivir "to live," from Latin vivere. Sometimes also in Latin form vivat (1660s).


Etymology 1 interj. long live ... ! (''used to express acclaim or support''). n. A shout of applause. vb. (label en ambitransitive dated) To cheer, applaud Etymology 2

n. An oral examination, typically for an academic qualification. vb. (label en transitive) To subject to an examination of this kind.


n. an examination conducted by word of mouth [syn: oral, oral exam, oral examination, viva voce]


Viva may refer to:

Viva (Xmal Deutschland album)

Viva was Xmal Deutschland's third album, released in 1987. "Matador" was produced by the Stranglers's Hugh Cornwell and was released as a single in the UK in 1986.

Viva (actress)

Viva (born August 23, 1938) is an American actress, writer and a former Warhol superstar.

Viva (magazine)

Viva was an adult woman's magazine that premiered in 1973 and ceased publication in 1980. Its full title was Viva, The International Magazine For Women, and it was published by Bob Guccione and his wife, Kathy Keeton. Guccione was the editor of Penthouse, an adult men's magazine, and he wanted to publish a companion title for women. Viva was essentially an erotic magazine for women, containing articles and fiction delving into women’s fantasies, and exploring their sexuality, reviews of the arts, interviews with known personalities, fashion and beauty, etc.

Viva magazine usually exhibited photography containing male full frontal nudity and sexual encounters targeted at mature female readers. Among the photographers whose work appeared in Viva was Helmut Newton, who was lured there by Anna Wintour, the magazine's fashion editor. Wintour also worked with Denis Piel before he worked under contract with Vogue.

Viva (band)

Viva or Viva! is an Indian pop girl group that formed in 2002, and has disbanded since. The band was composed of the winners of the first season of Indian version of the international television talent show Popstars, named Coke [V] Popstars, after its principal sponsors, Coca-Cola and music channel Channel [V].

The five original members were Seema Ramchandani, Pratichee Mohapatra, Neha Bhasin, Mahua Kamat, and Anushka Manchanda. However, Ramchandani left the group soon after the launch of their first album, VIVA! in 2002, to join the Art of Living Foundation. Ramchandani has released an art of living album which is an amalgamation of prayers from all religions.

They launched their second and last album Viva! - Reloaded in 2003.

Though there has been no official report about the group's split, they have not released an album since 2003, and the members have all embarked on solo careers.

In 2005, Pratichee Mohapatra released a solo album, titled With Love, Pratichee. The same year, Manchanda joined Channel [V] as a VJ, and has since become a playback singer for Hindi, Tamil language and Telugu language films. Bhasin also turned to playback singing in 2006. Mohapatra turned to acting and worked in the serial Mr. and Mrs. Mishra. Manchanda participated in the reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi.

They have also sung a song from Bollywood film Lakeer 'Rozana' composed by Academy Award winner A.R. Rahman.

Viva (Sirius XM)

Viva is a channel on the Sirius XM Radio network that specialized in playing Latin Pop music from the 1990s and Today. It was retired from the XM line-up on November 12, 2008 as part of the combined channel restructure resulting from the Sirius-XM merger. Some of the music content previously played by Viva is now available on Caliente.

Due to complaints from many XM users, Sirius XM has put Viva back on. However, it is only available online to listeners.

Category:Internet radio in the United States

Viva (La Düsseldorf album)

Viva is the second and most successful album of Klaus Dinger's (of Neu! fame) band La Düsseldorf. It has both "Rheinita", which was their most successful single, and "Cha Cha 2000", which has become their most famous song.

Different mixes/edits of "Rheinita" and "Viva" were released as a single; the single version of "Viva" is slightly longer and has a fadeout, the album version segues into "White Overalls". "Vögel" (Birds, in German) is a minute and a half of bird noises. All songs are written by Klaus Dinger.

Viva (2007 film)

Viva is a 2007 American comedy film directed by Anna Biller. It's a faithful homage to sexploitation films from the 1960s and 1970s, but with a feminist twist. The film has received mixed reactions, and "illustrates cinema’s unique ability to blend high and low culture." Viva premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival in 2007. It was also entered into the main competition at the 29th Moscow International Film Festival. Viva was released on DVD by Cult Epics on Feb. 24, 2009.

Viva (Canadian magazine)

Viva magazine is a Canadian natural health celebrity magazine and the original balanced living publication. It was launched in November 2004.

Viva was founded by Olivier Felicio, is published six times per year and circulates within Canada throughout Loblaws, health food stores, pharmacies and salons. It is a free publication under the Rive Gauche Media Publishing umbrella.

Celebrities who have appeared on the cover of Viva Magazine include Serena Williams, Taraji P. Henson, Patricia Arquette, Maria Bello, Courteney Cox, Patricia Heaton, Marg Helgenberger, Rachel Hunter, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alyssa Milano, Kathryn Morris, Julia Ormond, Ana Ortiz, Jaime Pressly, Vanessa Williams, Cheryl Ladd, Heidi Klum and Christina Applegate.

Health topics featured in the Magazine include fibromalgia, cancer, joint pain, menopause, allergies and celiac disease. Beauty topics covered in the Magazine include hair removal, winter skin care, lip care, wrinkles-anti-aging, and acne treatments.

Viva (Bananarama album)

Viva is the tenth studio album recorded by the British vocal duo Bananarama. It was released by Fascination Records on 14 September 2009 in the UK.

Viva is Bananarama's fifth album as a duo of Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward, and their first new album since 2005's Drama. Also, for the first time since 1992 both Sara and Keren started to play bass guitar on some tracks on the album. It contains the singles "Love Comes", "Love Don't Live Here" and other new tracks co-written by Dallin and Woodward, as well as three cover versions – " Rapture" (originally by iiO), "The Runner" (originally a 1979 hit for The Three Degrees) and "S-S-S-Single Bed"" (originally by Fox).

The album had been originally conceived as a covers album, however the group changed their mind midway through the recording of the album and wrote original material for it. Apart from the three covers found on the physical CD release, four additional cover versions were made available on download format: " Run to You" (originally by Bryan Adams), " The Sounds of Silence" (originally by Simon and Garfunkel), "Voyage Voyage" (originally by Desireless) and "Tokyo Joe" (originally by Bryan Ferry). The latter two were also issued as b-sides to the vinyl releases of their single "Love Comes."

Three of these four bonus tracks were only available until the album's release date.

The album charted on the UK Albums Chart at number 87.

Viva (UK and Ireland)

Viva (stylised as VIVA) is a music television channel in the United Kingdom and Ireland, owned by Viacom International Media Networks Europe. The channel launched on 26 October 2009, replacing TMF.

VIVA (TV station)

Viva is owned by MTV which is owned by Viacom.

Viva (Dutch magazine)

Viva is a weekly fashion magazine for women, published in the Netherlands.

Viva (channel)

Viva a television channel, the channel began broadcasting on April 25, 1999 on Channel 27 Channel 36 HOT and yes in Israel.

Viva (2015 film)

Viva is a 2015 Irish drama film, set in Cuba, directed by Paddy Breathnach. The film was selected as the Irish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards, making the December shortlist of nine films, but it was not nominated.

Usage examples of "viva".

And he spoke like an examiner who was confident that he could floor his examinee in viva voce.

I got him some files from a certain place in Viva it would put Mondo in jail for life.

Viva Espania, and Sony, and Yamaha, and Suzuki, and Honda, and Hitachi, and Toshiba, and Kawasaki, and Nissan, and Minolta, and Panasonic, and Mitsu-bloody-bishi!

Viva moved closer to the screen, shoving a piece of miang into her mouth, then gasping at the spicy bite.

Les dije cómo morían sus hijas torturadas por los demonios —mujeres despedazadas por el látigo, rotas en el potro, desmembra­das en el caballete, despellejadas vivas, hechas pedazos—, les revelé los tormentos que dejan el cuerpo indemne pero que vacían la mente de razón, haciendo de la victima un ser estúpido, ciego y balbuceante.

Esa columna viva era un muestrario de las napas sociales: el misántropo se codeaba con el bufón, el 0,95 con el 0,60, el vivillo con Paja Brava, el mendigo con el pedigüeño, el punguista liviano, sin carpeta, con el gran scrushante.

Sin embargo, la viva complacencia con que escuchó una corona de triolets que yo había burilado a vuela pluma en el tren carreta que une el moderno ingenio azucarero de Jaramí con la ciclópea estatua a la Bandera que ha cincelado Fioravanti, me demostró que era uno de los valores sólidos de nuestra joven literatura.

Al contrario, io rivolgevo le mie preghiere a Dio come in preda al tormento, a un continuo travaglio dell'anima, o come un uomo circondato dal pericolo, che viva nell'attesa ogni notte di essere ucciso e divorato prima dell'alba.

Indugiai a osservare le correnti impetuose che scorrevano senza posa lungo i due lati della costa, e destavano in me la più viva paura al solo ricordo del pericolo che avevo corso in passato, e sentii che il mio coraggio veniva meno: perché prevedevo che, se fossi incappato in una delle due correnti, sarei stato sospinto per un lungo tratto verso il largo, magari perdendo di vista l'isola, senz'alcuna possibilità di tornare indietro.

The day after to-morrow, the 13th, Oswald has the viva voce exam for his matriculation.

Another thing was that, as the female sex was naturally loquacious, good practice would be gained in the viva voce department of our studies.

Las vivas llamas alejarían a los lobos, que aún merodeaban frente a la entrada, reacios a perseguirlo hasta el interior de la cueva, pero no dispuestos a abandonar definitivamente su presa.