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Vira may refer to:

  • Vira, plural of " virus" in some pluralizations
    • Phylum vira, part of the LHT Virus classification scheme
  • Vira (Gambarogno), a municipality in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland
  • Vira, Pyrénées-Orientales, a commune in the Pyrénées-Orientales department, France
  • Vira, Ariège, a commune in the Ariège department, France
  • Vira (dance), a traditional dance from Portugal
  • VirA protein, a protein histadine kinase
  • Vira (band), a metalcore band from Denmark
  • Vira, Split-Dalmatia County, a village on Hvar Island, Croatia
  • Vira, a Ukrainian female first name, a variant of Vera
  • Vira, a diminutive of the Russian male first name Avenir
  • Vira, a diminutive of the Russian female first name Avenira
  • Vira, Kutch, a village in Kutch district of Gujarat, India
Vira (dance)

The vira is a traditional dance from Portugal. It is most popular in the Minho region but is performed in every region. It has a three-step rhythm which is very similar to a waltz, but it is faster and the couples dance front-to-front without holding hands.

Another way to dance the Vira is as follows: Matched pairs form a big circle that evolves inverse clockwise, while snapping their fingers. At a certain time the boys leave their pairs in the circle and go to the center, where they hit the floor with their right foot, and return backing into their respective pairs. The circle starts to rotate again, and the next time the circle stops it will be the girls that will go to the center. They do this alternately.

Some Portuguese composers have adapted the Vira into their compositions. For example, Manuel Raposo Marques (1902-1966) incorporated it into a choral work recorded by the Orfeon Académico de Coimbra.

Vira (Gambarogno)

Vira is a former municipality in the district of Locarno in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland.

On 25 April 2010, the former municipalities of Caviano, Contone, Gerra Gambarogno, Indemini, Magadino, Piazzogna, San Nazzaro, Sant'Abbondio and Vira Gambarogno merged in the new municipality of Gambarogno.

Vira (band)

Vira is a metal band from Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark. , they have released one demo and two EPs and done several concerts, including the Roskilde Festival and the Dutch metalfest Tsunamifest.

In 2006, Vira Released their first demo, End Of An Era. In 2008, Vira released their first EP, Recurrence, which won the "Demo of the Month" award in the biggest Danish music magazine GAFFA. In March 2009, Vira released their second EP, Re-Design. In 2011, Vira released their debutalbum Vira. Further the more the band split up December 4, 2011. "It is time to realize that we have also grown apart musically and we are all on a great Journey, only this time we travel in different directions. As a result we have chosen to pull the plug for now…"