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Vimāna is a mythological flying palace or chariot described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics. The Pushpaka Vimana of the demon king Ravana (which was taken from Lord Kubera, and returned to him with Rama) is the most quoted example of a vimana. Vimanas are also mentioned in Jain texts.

Vimana (architectural feature)

Vimana ( Tamil:விமானம், Kannada:ವಿಮಾನ) is a term for the tower above the Garbhagriha or Sanctum sanctorum in a Hindu temple.

Vimana (disambiguation)

Vimana may mean:

  • Vimana, the " flying chariot" of the Sanskrit epics.
    • In most modern Indian languages, the word vimāna, vimān means aircraft.
    • " Biman" is the same word in the Bengali language and is Bengali for " airplane", and is the national airline of Bangladesh.
  • The Buddhist book Vimānavatthu ( Pali for "Vimāna Stories") uses the word "vimāna" to mean "a small piece of text used as the inspiration for a Buddhist sermon".
  • The adytum of a Rama Temple.
  • Vimanapura is a suburb of Bangalore in India. The very busy Airport Road, Bangalore goes through it.
  • Viman Nagar is a suburb of Pune.
  • Vímana was a seminal (but unsuccessful) Brazilian progressive rock band of the seventies.
  • Vimanam, the distinctive pyramidical roof-towers of south Indian temples and is the sanctum of a Hindu temple where the deity is enshrined.
  • The ICP Vimana ultralight aircraft.
  • Vimana, a 1991 video game.
Vimana (video game)

is a vertical scrolling shooter, developed by Toaplan and released by Romstar and Tecmo in 1991 for the arcades worldwide. Vimana was unique in its combination of a Sci-Fi theme with brief Hindu references.

Usage examples of "vimana".

Vimana was built by human hands, of crass metal, but by the presence of my orichalcum body within it, the particles of its substance have been transmuted.

The Vimana, still obeying the unspoken commands of Corenice, swam below the end of the boom, fighting the indraught of the vortex.