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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Verna or Virna may refer to:


  • Virna Dias (born 1971), Brazilian retired volleyball player
  • Virna Lisi (born 1936), Italian actress
  • Verna Aardema (1911–2000), American author of children's books
  • Verna Bloom (born 1939), American actress
  • Verna Felton (1890–1966), American actress
  • Verna Allette Wilkins, author, founder of Tamarind Books
  • Carlos Verna (born 1946), Argentine politician
  • Mary Curtis Verna (1921–2009), American operatic soprano


  • La Verna, a locality associated with Saint Francis of Assisi on Mount Penna, Italy
  • Verna, Goa, a village in the Indian state of Goa
  • Verna, Florida, an unincorporated area in Manatee County, Florida


  • Hyundai Verna, a subcompact family car
  • Verna: USO Girl, a 1978 made-for-TV movie starring Sissy Spacek
  • "Verna" (30 Rock), a 2010 episode of the sitcom 30 Rock
  • Verna, plural vernae, Latin term for a person born into slavery and reared within the household of birth; see Slavery in ancient Rome
Verna (30 Rock)

"Verna" is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of the American television comedy series 30 Rock, and the 70th overall episode of the series. The episode was written by co-executive producer Ron Weiner and directed by series producer Don Scardino. It originally aired on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) network in the United States on February 4, 2010. Jan Hooks guest stars as the title character of this episode and was her last acting role before dying on October 9, 2014.

In the episode, Jenna Maroney's ( Jane Krakowski) mother Verna (Hooks) comes to visit her, and Jenna turns to Jack Donaghy ( Alec Baldwin) for help. At the same time, Frank Rossitano ( Judah Friedlander) moves in with Liz Lemon ( Tina Fey) temporarily, and they both decide to make a pact to give up their bad habits.

"Verna" has received generally positive reception from television critics. According to the Nielsen ratings, the episode was watched by 5.93 million households during its original broadcast, and received a 2.9 rating/8 share among viewers in the 18–49 demographic.

Usage examples of "verna".

If she punishes you, I would not stand for it, any more than I will stand for what was done to Sister Verna.

Verna and some of her Sisters will be there to help defend the place, but the People's Palace is built in the form of a spell that amplifies the power of a Rahl and suppresses it in others.

Her sister, Verna Dokey, taught history, and Verna’s husband, Vernon, a retired coach, taught eighth-grade science.

Verna inhaled the fragrance of balsam firs as she watched the wagon making its way up the silvery road, being pulled by a single, plodding horse.

Verna felt as if she were stepping gingerly through a field of bear traps.

Had Verna lit all of the reflector lamps lining the walls and hung on the end caps of shelves, the place could have been made to be considerably brighter but, for their purpose, she didn't think it necessary.

Verna saw an occasional fluttermouse swoop down across the surface of the water to snatch a bug from the air.

This one introduces us to the Panther Girls, tribes of wild free women who hole up in the unexplored forests and pounce on any unsuspecting males who happen along, and the leader of one tribe, Verna.

Verna tried to do her part, to do as was needed, because so many people depended on her, but, if truth be told, the reason she worked herself nearly to death was to try to keep her mind occupied, to think of something else, anything else, except Warren.

Should Marlenus fall to Verna and her band, Tyros might be much interested in his acquisition.