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The Collaborative International Dictionary

VCR \VCR\ (v[=e]"s[=e]*[aum]r`), n. a videocasette recorder. [acronym]


videocasette recorder \videocasette recorder\ n. an electronic device which can record electronic signals, as from a television program, on magnetic tape contained in a videocassette, and can also play back the recording. It is used, for example, to record television programs broadcast at some particular time, which can then be viewed at any subsequent time by attaching the videocasette recorder to a television receiver and playing the signals throught the television receiver. Also called VCR.


electronic device \electronic device\ n. a device depending on the principles of electronics and using the manipulation of electron flow for its operation.

Note: Numerous electronic devices are in daily use, among them the television, radio, computer, robot, transmitter, receiver, VCR, CD player, etc.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1971, initialism (acronym) from videocassette recorder (see videocassette).

VCR (disambiguation)

A VCR is a videocassette recorder

VCR may also refer to:

  • VCR (band), a rock band from Richmond, Virginia
    • VCR (EP)
  • "VCR" (song), a song by The xx
  • Variable compression ratio
  • Video Cassette Recording, an early videocassette recorder system by Philips
  • Vincristine, a natural alkaloid
VCR (band)

VCR is a punk band with synthpop leanings. The band formed in November 2002 in Richmond, Virginia with a relatively unique lineup of a drummer, a bassist, and 3 synthesizers.

The band released their debut, self-titled EP on Richmond-based label Pop Faction in 2003. The release was limited to roughly 1000 copies. After no touring, the band was signed by SideOneDummy Records in 2005. The label re-released the band's debut EP with a slightly altered track listing that year. In 2006, the band released their first full-length album, Power Destiny.

In 2007 the band played their last show. In 2011 the Misfits Cassette was re-released on vinyl by Riot Style Records.


VCR was the 2003 debut recording by the band VCR, originally on Pop Faction Records as a limited-edition and regional release, created solely to sell at shows and give away to friends. When VCR was picked up by SideOneDummy. the album was re-released with a wider distribution in 2005.

VCR (song)

"VCR" is the fourth single by The xx, from their self-titled debut album. The single was first released in the UK on 24 January 2010. The song was also featured on the episode " Black Friday" from the television series Lie to Me. Music critic Robert Christgau named it the tenth best single of the year.

Usage examples of "vcr".

Multi-tracks and oscilloscopes and VCRs and huge 3-mil thick Mylar foam speakers that looked like the rear seats of a 1933 Chevy.

The millions of citizens in areas for one reason or another not cable-available ran their VCRs into meltdown, got homicidally tired of 'Happy Days,' and then began to find themselves with vast maddening blocks of utterly choiceless and unenter-taining time.

Scozzy's double reception room, the main living area where the expression of his personality was supposed to occur, had four corners: a fitness corner (weights, flexers, StairMaster), a computer corner (the usual information processors), a reading corner (cushions, a low glass table stacked with various nihilistic classics), and a video corner (a depthless window-sized TV, the numb sleek blackness of the VCRs, the heap of remotes, plus a Canaveral of decoders and unscramblers).

Storage in Bensonhurst, finding high-volume customers for items such as cigarettes, TVs, VCRs, stepladders, dresses, frozen orange juice.

Unpacked VCRs, CD players, personal computers, hard disks and video games were stacked to the ceiling.

Switzerland used the PAL recording format, and, although multistandard machines were common, there were a few NTSC-only VCRs at CERN.

Crammed into each one were storage cabinets, a toiletry kit, a foldaway desktop, reading lamp, and power outlets for portable computers, VCRs, and other small appliances.

On a fresh blank he drew the interior of the shed as best as he could remember it: door, table, stacks of VCRs and computers, racks of clothes, copier, dominoes, telltale Grozny newspaper on the table, prayer rug on the floor.

Gone to Sony or Panasonic or one of those guys and said (now reverting to a perfect American-yokel accent), We just love the VCRs that y'all've been sellin' us--why don't you make an electric chair that actually works?