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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
various kinds
▪ The students had to read various kinds of academic materials.
▪ Discussions of various aspects of women's work are to be found in chapter 3, sections 3.2, 3.4 and 3.5.
▪ The concept has various aspects, each as negative as the other.
▪ This took the form of a pack with a set of leaflets on various aspects of transport provision.
▪ Thousands of news groups are filled with experts discussing various aspects of their fields.
▪ These represent the various aspects of Khaine.
▪ We also need to watch our children to see how they juggle the various aspects of their lives.
▪ The first three chapters are concerned with various aspects of children's ability to understand language.
▪ The following four chapters move away from fieldwork, to consider various aspects of data handling and analysis.
▪ This date was adopted by various countries as marking the beginning of the year.
▪ Race organizers had asked permission of the various countries whose airspace could be involved.
▪ The present position is that various countries have enacted data protection laws which have similar patterns but significant differences of detail.
▪ These trends are not unique to Britain and may be observed in various countries.
▪ In addition, hundreds of research studies were conducted by scholars in various countries interested in conservation.
▪ Market research showed considerable differences in consumer preferences in various countries.
▪ Naturally, difficult problems will remain in various countries where the faction fight has been long and bitter.
▪ Credit, Neighbours and Kin Many women made use of various forms of credit.
▪ The role of various forms of insurance is another possible third-party effect that should be taken into account.
▪ Union sources thought last night that an all-out strike was unlikely, although various forms of non-co-operation might be considered.
▪ Through various forms of operating system treachery, programs like these increase system resources.
▪ Feminist writers have wanted, of course, to indict the various forms of brutality and coercion from which women have suffered.
▪ Ratchets can operate either upward or downward and can take various forms.
▪ The Goddess, in various forms, is widely worshipped amongst Hindus.
▪ This is a series of tracks showing Baker's musical odyssey from Cream through his various groups up to 1987.
▪ Crime prevention talks before various groups in the county keeps him on the road much of the time, he said.
▪ As well as such differences in educational attainment, there are differences in the characteristic linguistic behaviour of various groups.
▪ Three illumination experiments were conducted with various groups of workers.
▪ Its function is to offer a series of social activities which might appeal to all or various groups within our community.
▪ I have also seen with great pleasure an inter-change of historical pageants between various groups.
▪ Why does government give attention to the views of the associations that represent the various groups of local authorities?
▪ The story focuses on various groups of nobles who flee their strife-ridden court for the restorative countryside.
▪ What consideration is being given to noise barriers of various kinds?
▪ I mean that gender and class are not incidental to the double standard now applied to various kinds of smoking.
▪ Of the rest, twenty mentioned various kinds of community-level effects which I would classify as affecting the local way of life.
▪ The regularities in human social relations are defined by rule structures of various kinds.
▪ Christmas dinner is built around horsd'oeuvres, various kinds of pasta, capon and turkey.
▪ Perhaps that is why various kinds of primal and spiritual speech are returning.
▪ Readers, worship leaders, lesson readers, intercessors and musicians of various kinds are all involved.
▪ He talked about the effective use of time, mnemonic tricks, and various kinds of tests.
▪ Everyone here has various levels of experience.
▪ Firewalls come in several types and offer various levels of security.
▪ Four compost bins are maintained at various levels of decomposition.
▪ Organized cooperation among various levels of producers and consumers is the essence of what economic systems are supposed to contribute to civilization.
▪ What distinguishes one mode of production from another is the particular articulation of the various levels or elements.
▪ Include various levels of questions and commentary.
▪ The nature of the task requires cooperative activity of a high order at various levels and between a wide range of people.
▪ Language operates at various levels of abstraction.
▪ At various points it is also related to the scholastic distinction between knowledge and opinion.
▪ Then we had to work out how deep we could actually go at various points, before we started digging rock.
▪ Reconsider, at various points in the essay, both the implications of the title and the actual wording of it.
▪ He engaged four excursion schooners to bring spectators from various points on Lake Ontario.
▪ All that is happening is that the story is taken over at various points by each of the members of the cast.
▪ This thesis has been challenged, with some justice, on various points of detail.
▪ The Hon. Member for Maryhill raised various points in relation to the disabled.
▪ Elsewhere we find things, objects, given in advance, which you are free to consider from various points of view.
▪ The CEBs represent a radical move for the church for various reasons.
▪ Thus, it seems likely that some women, for various reasons, have more trouble premenstrually than others.
▪ Unfortunately, there are many people who think of ideas but, for various reasons, don't voice them.
▪ Estimates of the number that will not be tossed out for various reasons run from 50 percent to 80 percent.
▪ Investigations followed which revealed various reasons.
▪ However, for various reasons, many researchers often use other protocols that do not comply with the model.
▪ For various reasons - business, injury, examinations etc. - the list excludes 13 of those originally invited.
▪ However, in this first chapter, Ishmael suggests various reasons why he goes to the sea.
▪ It has, however, a highly irregular shape with bulges and indentations of various sizes, as shown in Fig. 21.3.
▪ Several years ago there was a fine armadillo whose body consisted of automobile tires of various sizes.
▪ It comes in various sizes of large sheets as well as the small sizes available in hardware shops.
▪ There are numerous cultivars in various sizes and shapes to choose from.
▪ They were of various sizes and worked in the vehicle, aerospace, mechanical engineering and electronics industries.
▪ It should be reinforced and decorated with rocks of various sizes.
▪ These can be clamped together in groups of various sizes, depending on the layout of the venue.
▪ On to one of the trays the children put beads of various sizes, wheels, cotton reels and rods.
▪ This section lists a selection of relevant material but excludes the various sources of data on shopping developments and associated planning inquiries.
▪ Even the casual Beatles fan can enjoy cataloging the various sources for musical phrases in each song.
▪ The community development corporation is legally incorporated and financed from various sources and runs an economic development programme.
▪ News editors wade through reams of stories from various sources and channel potential items to the producer.
▪ Funding can come from various sources.
▪ Support from statutory services Professional services available to the carer come from various sources and vary a great deal from area to area.
▪ Compiled from various sources - see text.
▪ Nor will managers succeed by putting greater emphasis on planning or simply overlapping various stages in the development process.
▪ The statue shares space with dioramas, glassed-in scenes of the Capitol in various stages of its construction.
▪ Let us now consider the various stages in framing a document profile.
▪ The place was littered with barbed wire and rotting lumber and a dozen old boats in various stages of decay.
▪ Minor items may spend many years at the various stages before being settled.
▪ Despite these important similarities in parental reactions to various malformations, parents progress through the various stages of reaction differently.
▪ As indicated above, it is important to take into consideration the needs of pupils at the various stages of their development.
▪ Ben-Eliezer launched a review of contracts already signed for another 14,000 housing units, now in various stages of planning and construction.
▪ In Bloomington, Ill., police use a variety of gang definitions, cobbled together from various state and local edicts.
▪ Half a dozen lawsuits were filed in various states over the access problems.
▪ All in various states of disrepair.
▪ All of the theories we have surveyed are in various states of disarray.
▪ Severn Walker Brothers built railcars are known to have been preserved and are in various states of repair.
▪ One after another, various State enterprises in charge of importing foreign produce collapsed: Alimag, which specialized in food.
▪ To the young man himself the important things are no doubt the various states of his body.
▪ The others are in various states of distraction: Eddie is shifting from foot to foot.
▪ Numbers of Hurricanes were scrambled at various times during the mid-morning.
▪ Most providers will provide details of their network topology and explain what service can be expected in various times of the day.
▪ What major differences are there in the choices made at various times for starting steel works at Sheffield, Rotherham and Scunthorpe?
▪ Rudi had been, at various times, a coffeehouse poet and an amateur philosopher, but nothing really came of it.
▪ At various times Keynes operated on all three levels, and moved easily from one to another.
▪ Moreover, different configurations may arise at various times.
▪ The rest of this section will illustrate various types of mismatch of vocabulary.
▪ This question helps us determine the exact location for the various types of work that will be done.
▪ There are various types of Show Jumping.
▪ The camera tracks the movement of these materials, thus assisting in diagnosis of cancers or various types of cardiovascular disease.
▪ Transmission routes, precautions, various types of treatment and so on are deliberately kept in the background.
▪ Another place for data on companies are newspapers and magazines that rank companies according to various types of financial performance.
▪ Firing powerful shells of various types, it had a very dangerous backblast.
▪ There are various ways to fix models in different sites.
▪ Geoff and Kim detail their study of various ways to reduce water use in home toilets.
▪ Fortunately, the government is generous and allows employers various ways to reduce tax and national insurance payments.
▪ Finally, critics attack the various ways in which history itself has developed.
▪ Systems have used information about the orthography of words to select output from a pattern recogniser in various ways.
▪ They are run by separate trustees and staff and compete in various ways.
▪ Duncan reminds us of the antiquity of the propensity to quantify the doings of people in various ways.
▪ Both, in their various ways, provide the sort of information which is of real value to practitioners.
▪ I had to sign various documents before they would let me into the country.
▪ Long held various positions at the company before becoming president.
▪ The committee has asked various people for their opinions.
▪ The study evaluates various methods of weight loss.
▪ How royal conflicts could engage these various interests is best seen through a detailed investigation of one particular crisis.
▪ In recent days, I have spoken to women of various classes, colors and ages, and we all agree.
▪ Next in order come the Homeric Hymns, poems written to honor various gods.
▪ Subsequent chapters are devoted to mastering various techniques and manoeuvres.
▪ The Ministry of Education has issued various reports suggesting things have to change.
▪ Varley was its unpaid pastor until 1882 and experimented with various means of evangelizing and meeting the social needs of the poor.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Various \Va"ri*ous\, a. [L. varius. Cf. Vair.]

  1. Different; diverse; several; manifold; as, men of various names; various occupations; various colors.

    So many and so various laws are given.

    A wit as various, gay, grave, sage, or wild.

  2. Changeable; uncertain; inconstant; variable.

    A man so various, that he seemed to be Not one, but all mankind's epitome.

    The names of mixed modes . . . are very various.

  3. Variegated; diversified; not monotonous.

    A happy rural seat of various view.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., "characterized by variety," from Middle French varieux and directly from Latin varius "changing, different, diverse" (see vary). Meaning "different from one another, having a diversity of features" is recorded from 1630s. Related: Variously.


a. Having a broad range (of different elements). det. More than one (of an indeterminate set of things).

  1. adj. of many different kinds purposefully arranged but lacking any uniformity; "assorted sizes"; "his disguises are many and various"; "various experiments have failed to disprove the theory"; "cited various reasons for his behavior" [syn: assorted]

  2. considered individually; "the respective club members"; "specialists in their several fields"; "the various reports all agreed" [syn: respective(a), several(a), various(a)]

  3. distinctly dissimilar or unlike; "diverse parts of the country"; "celebrities as diverse as Bob Hope and Bob Dylan"; "animals as various as the jaguar and the cavy and the sloth" [syn: diverse]

  4. having great diversity or variety; "his various achievements are impressive"; "his vast and versatile erudition" [syn: versatile]


Various, or Various Production, is an English dubstep/ electronic music duo formed in 2002. The group blends samples, acoustic and electronic instrumentation, and singing from a revolving cast of vocalists. Its members, Adam and Ian, purposefully give very little information about the group or themselves, and tend to do little in the way of self-promotion. Nevertheless, the group began winning critical acclaim with its single releases in 2005 and 2006, with singers Rachel Thomas Davies and Nicola Kearey. Their full-length for XL, The World is Gone, arrived in July 2006. They have released a large number of vinyl EPs and 7" records, as well as digital exclusives for Rough Trade, iTunes, and Boomkat. They have released remixes of a large variety of artists (sometimes uncredited) such as Thom Yorke, Adele, Virus Syndicate, Dave Cloud, Cat Power, Emma Pollock and Ian Brown and participated with one track on the Vexille Movie Soundtrack.

In 2002, the group started their own record label, called Various Records or Various Production, where they began releasing their own material, usually on 7" or 12" vinyl, or later as mp3 releases. In 2009 the duo started another label, called "Misc", this time for selling artworks and other products.

The duo signed a publishing deal with the newly formed Fire Songs in November 2007, a division of eclectic London-based record label Fire Records. In early 2009 they released a new LP, an experimental collaboration with poet Gerry Mitchell called The Invisible Lodger and signed the first act to release on the Various Production label, Gold Panda.

Usage examples of "various".

The same principal agent uses various instruments unto various effects, in accordance with the thing to be done.

Jeff McMahon-onetime Andersen accountant, longtime Enron executive-wandered through the finance division, leaning into various offices to greet old friends.

A great mass of it has been accumulated in the progress of mankind, and, fortunately for different wants and temperaments, it is as varied as the various minds that produced it.

In the latter part of April, 1919, the Executive Committee of the Socialist party of Italy resolved to sever its connection with the International Socialist Bureau and the Berne Conference, in which there were many reactionary Socialists, and to affiliate with the newly established Moscow International, consisting of the various National groups of Socialists giving whole-hearted support to Lenine and the Bolsheviki.

Judging from several cases in which various objects had been affixed with gum, and had soon become separated from the apex by a layer of fluid, as well as from some trials in which drops of thick gumwater alone had been applied, this fluid never causes bending.

The apportionment of space which is made in considering the various diseases and their different stages, as well as the course which the people are advised to pursue under the different circumstances of affliction, is not always in accordance with the plans and recommendations which have been made by others who have written works on domestic medicine.

The bulk of the British army remained in the Punjaub for some months, various circumstances affording grounds for suspicion as to the good faith of the ranee and her durbar.

And then her thoughts went back to the various times of old, when, affrighted by the weather--sounds so mysterious in the night--he had crept into her bed and clung to her, and she had soothed him, and sweetly awed him into stillness and childlike faith, by telling him of the goodness and power of God.

She gave away boxes and framework and sweet bottles and all the paraphernalia that had gone to make up the shop, to the children and handymen around the doors, and most of the contents of the room she allotted to the various neighbours to collect when she was ready to go.

In the examination of cases of the untoward effects of quinin upon the eye, Knapp of New York found the power of sight diminished in various degrees, and rarely amaurosis and immobility of the pupils.

I should have wished to have limited my story to Beaufort and his message, but as the council seemed to be intent upon hearing a full account of my journey, I told in as short and simple speech as I could the various passages which had befallen me--the ambuscado of the smugglers, the cave, the capture of the gauger, the journey in the lugger, the acquaintance with Farmer Brown, my being cast into prison, with the manner of my release and the message wherewith I had been commissioned.

Differences in form and amplitude of curve are well illustrated by various muscles of the tortoise.

There is no more reason to think that species have been specially endowed with various degrees of sterility to prevent them crossing and blending in nature, than to think that trees have been specially endowed with various and somewhat analogous degrees of difficulty in being grafted together in order to prevent them becoming inarched in our forests.

Since Walter was such a fund of anatomic and physiologic pathology, he was presented at all the conferences with everyone offering various opinions.

Hands that she wanted to feel on various annoyingly throbbing body parts.