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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Variform \Va"ri*form\, a. [L. varius various + -form.] Having different shapes or forms.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1660s, from Latin varius (see vary) + forma (see form (n.)).


a. That can take various forms.


adj. varying in form or shape

Usage examples of "variform".

Belthar continues to rule the sacred planet, granting power to his variform defenders, wisdom to the trumen, sons to their most fortunate daughters, and mercy to the surviving premen.

Creator, and she had kept them in preman form because she found most of the variform military mutants too alien or sometimes too alarming for easy communication.

Instead, I could only sit there in the darkness, holding him and hearing the blood from his red-soaked clothing, falling drop by drop, slowly on the dead variform oak leaves beneath us.

The meadow itself was green and fair with the young chartreuse grass of early summer and the white and purple of the lilacs, and the variform oaks behind the lilacs were fuzzy in outline, with small, new leaves.

I showed my credentials and went up to the battle screen, which had been set up in open air at the edge of shadow from some tall variform oaks.

Friendlies and mounted a slope under the cover of the new-leaved variform oaks.

It made the colorful and variform chambers of Arcade, which had utterly baffled Bredon at first, seem simple.

ArDell refilled his glass, glanced about the table for another and saw only a vase with some small native variform lilies in it.

And even if we could throw it into reverse, all the currently accepted theories of time distortion posit an infinitely variform multiverse rather than a single linear universe .

The Exotics had not imported the genetic starter material for variform animals of any size, beyond what was necessary for the ecology, except for some domestic animals.

Away from the stream on both sides, and otherwise in lines about the ledge as well as against the upslanting rock walls of the mountain--so steep their upper branches touched the stone-were numerous variform pine, with a scattering of native evergreens.

He had seen her tossing fifty-kilo sacks of variform sweet potatoes around in the Guild storehouse, apparently without effort.

We came at last to the edge of the wooded and hilly triangle occupied by the Friendlies and mounted a slope under the cover of the new-leaved variform oaks.