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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Variate \Va"ri*ate\, v. t. & i. [L. variatus, p. p. of variare. See Vary.] To alter; to make different; to vary.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

in statistics, 1899, from adjective variate (mid-15c.), from Latin variatus, past participle of variare (see vary).


n. 1 A measurable quantity capable of taking on a number of values. 2 A variable, often the set of '''x''' values plotted on a graph. vb. (context transitive English) To alter; or vary; to make different.


n. a variable quantity that is random [syn: random variable, variant, stochastic variable, chance variable]

Usage examples of "variate".

Since like subsumes like, the variates and intercongeles create a suprapullulation of all areas, qualities and internals into a crystorrhoid whorl, eventually exciting the ponentiation of a proubietal chute.

My feelings came in waves and surges and variated unceasingly between extremes.