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Varga (band)

Varga is a Canadian metal band that was formed in 1989. "Freeze Don't Move" and "Greed", from their Prototype album, were minor hits on MuchMusic throughout 1993. Dan Fila and Sean Williamson were later members of Hypodust, an industrial metal band hailing from Hamilton, Ontario. In 2012 Varga reformed, going back to their progressive metal roots, and released two new full-length albums, Enter The Metal (2013) and Return Of The Metal (2014).


__NOTOC__ Varga may refer to:

  • Sanskrit: "part, division"
    • Varga (astrology), a technical division in Indian astrology
    • Varga, Hungary, a village in Hungary
    • Varga (surname)
in popular culture:
  • Varga girls, refers to the world-famous pin-up art of Alberto Vargas
  • Varga (band), Canadian metal band
  • Varga (comics), Filipino comic book character
  • Komiks Presents: Varga, Philippine TV Series Starring with Mariel Rodriguez & Angel Sy
  • Varga Studio, Hungarian animation studio
Varga (astrology)

The term Varga ( Sanskrit, 'set, division') in Indian astrology ( Jyotisha) refers to the division of a zodiacal sign (rāśi) into parts. Each such fractional part of a sign, known as an , has a source of influence associated with it, so that these sources of influence come to be associated with collections of regions around the zodiac.

There are sixteen varga, or divisional, charts used in Jyotisha. These vargas form the basis of a unique system of finding the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of planets.

Varga (comics)

Varga is a Filipino comics superheroine, similar to the American Wonder Woman. Mars Ravelo wrote and illustrated Varga for Bulaklak Magazine, appearing first on the magazines No. 17, Vol. 4 (July 23, 1947) issue. A falling out with some of the magazines editors caused him to resign from Bulaklak and transfer to Pilipino Komiks (Ace Publications), where he re-launched his superhero. Ravelo renamed her Darna, anagram of the superheroine's mortal alter-ego Narda. Darna's adventures in Pilipino Komiks began on the No. 77 (May 13, 1950) issue. Another komiks legend, Nestor Redondo, illustrated Darna this time.

Not to be confused with the similarly named Edwin Samonte character, Varga: The Amazing Iron Lady (first appearance on Super Action Komiks, No.191, April 11, 1989).

Varga (surname)

Varga or Vargha is a Hungarian language occupational surname drived from the term (ancient term, not used in contemporary Hungarian) which means " leatherworker" or leather repairman; someone who works with leather. As such, varga also used to refer to saddle makers, shoemakers or boot makers.

People with surname Varga:
  • Ádám Varga (born 1999), Hungarian footballer
  • Béla Varga (wrestler) (1888–1969), Hungarian Olympic wrestler
  • Béla Varga (politician) (1903–1995), Hungarian Catholic priest and politician
  • Dacian Varga (born 1984), Romanian footballer
  • Dániel Varga (born 1983), Hungarian water polo player
  • Dénes Varga (born 1987), Hungarian water polo player
  • Erik Varga (born 1976), Slovak sports shooter
  • Ferenc Varga (born 1925), Hungarian sprint canoeist
  • Gabor Varga (1961–2006), Swedish aviator
  • Gabriel Varga (born 1985), Canadian kickboxer
  • István Varga (born 1943), Hungarian handball player
  • János Varga (born 1939), Hungarian wrestler
  • Eugen Varga (; 1879–1964), Hungarian Marxist economist
  • József Varga (born 1954), Hungarian footballer
  • József Varga (born 1988), Hungarian footballer
  • Judit Varga (born 1976), Hungarian athlete
  • Laszlo Varga (cellist), Hungarian-American cellist (retired 2000)
  • László Varga (footballer) (born 1987), Hungarian footballer
  • Marián Varga (born 1947), Slovak musician and composer
  • Melinda Varga (born 1977), Australian reality TV personality
  • Michel Varga, Hungarian Trotskyist activist (active from 1950s)
  • Miklós Varga (born 1987), Hungarian boxer
  • Miroslav Varga, Czech sport shooter
  • Norbert Varga (born 1980), Romanian footballer
  • Richard S. Varga (born 1928), American mathematician
  • Roland Varga (athlete) (born 1967), Hungarian discus thrower
  • Roland Varga (footballer) (born 1989), Hungarian footballer
  • Stanislav Varga (born 1972), Slovakian footballer
  • Tamás Varga (born 1975), Hungarian water polo player
  • Velimir Varga (born 1980), Slovenian-Croat footballer
  • Zoltán Varga (disambiguation), numerous people
  • Zsolt Varga (born 1972), Hungarian water polo player
  • Zsolt Varga (canoer), Hungarian sprint canoer
  • Zvonko Varga (born 1959), Serbian footballer
People with surname Vargha:
  • Csongor Vargha (born 1946), Hungarian sprint canoeist
  • Ilona Vargha (1910–1973), Hungarian fencer
  • János Vargha (born 1949), Hungarian biologist and environmentalist