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VALS ("Values and Lifestyles") is a proprietary research methodology used for psychographic market segmentation. Market segmentation is designed to guide companies in tailoring their products and services in order to appeal to the people most likely to purchase them.

Usage examples of "vals".

These made Vals look something like the Gee-Bee Racer Jimmy Doolittle used to fly in air races.

There were, however, very few Vals, and they were generally person or mission specific.

The only contributions of real value the pilot could make were estimates of how Master System, its Vals, and its forces might react at any given level, but even these had to be only approximations.

Any and all resources are at the disposal of the SPF, and all Vals have been redirected to this task.

So, that's two Vals, the command ship, and the two automated fighters—a hell of a good force, even against us.

The Vals and fighters are machines, and machines have infinite patience.

It was the Vals and higher command that used such men as weapons in their arsenals, with care and caution.

They wouldn't even care about human-piloted craft—this is Master System we're talkin' about—and I ain't sure they got enough Vals to have 'em sittin' dead in the water, so to speak, waitin' for some theoretical attack.

Both human-controlled ships were forced to take direct control of their weapons systems —but humans thought far slower than Vals even if their orders could be carried out instantly.

Master System is probably even now making Vals to replace the ones it lost every bit as good and as tough as those were, and the fate the SPF on Janipur will have will be a real incentive to the ones on Chanchuk, you can bet on that.

You can be pretty damned sure that one will come running along with Vals and a whole division of troops if they get wind we're working down there, though.

The human brain is an incredible natural indexing system we can only approximate in Star Eagles and Vals and the rest.

If you came in with weapons and high-tech devices, you would trigger a wholesale invasion of Vals, SPF forces, and planetary defenses.