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n. 1 (given name: male), a short form of Valentine and Valerius. 2 (given name: female), a short form of Valerie.


VAL may stand for:

  • Variable Assembly Language, a computer-based control system and language designed specifically for use with Unimation Inc. industrial robots
  • Vatican lira, the currency of the Vatican City between 1929 and 2002
  • Véhicule Automatique Léger, a type of automatic rubber-tired people mover technology
  • Vieques Air Link, an airline

Vál is a village in Fejér County, Hungary.

Val (Rychnov nad Kněžnou District)

Val is a village and municipality in Rychnov nad Kněžnou District in the Hradec Králové Region of the Czech Republic.

Category:Villages in Rychnov nad Kněžnou District

Val (Tábor District)

Val is a village and municipality ( obec) in Tábor District in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.

The municipality covers an area of , and has a population of 227 (as at 28 August 2006).

Val lies approximately south of Tábor, north-east of České Budějovice, and south of Prague.

Val (sculptor)

Val, born Valérie Goutard, (born 20 May 1967) is a French sculptor who works in the medium of bronze. Her works can be seen in public places and galleries worldwide.

Usage examples of "val".

Val died, his gardens were abloom with chrysanthemums, the air golden, the oaks in his yard sculpted against a hard blue sky.

It occurred to me in passing that if Acer had gotten Val killed because her miner was too much ship for him, I would have to torture him to death.

Patrick knew the names, Abelove, Birk, Felice-Marie, Val, Glib or was it Geib.

Beau Brachman had sat listening to their discussion with a faint smile of amusement, as though knowing better, keeping quiet, while Pierce asked questions and Val put forth notions, laughing at her own unhandiness with logical intellection.

I-95, Cade listened absently as Val chatted with Beth on her cell phone.

Bob Atkinson, Steve Fahnestalk, Daniel Finger, Stephen Gaskin, Paul Krassner, Alex and Mina Morton, Val Ross, Riley Sparks, the late Laurence M.

Liza Reeves, copy editor Jean Maund, and test readers Val Gemmell and Stella Graham.

Val Gyrth pulled his battered hat over his eyes, and hunching his shoulders, shuffled off towards Oxford Street.

Even Val Gyrth, now the least cautious of men, hesitated before entering.

Bentley drew up outside the Three Drummers and deposited Val Gyrth and Campion at the centre door.

I mentioned to either of them the silvery-haired man, the priest, who had killed Val and tried to kill me?

That my wife and I were able to see so much of this vast, underpopulated country before making my final choice was due to the encouragement and assistance I was given by Sir Reginald Ansett, through his Ansett Airline, and of course by Qantas, and in the mining world by Sir Val Duncan, Sir Maurice Mawby and Sir James Vernon.

Val had conceded to the not-all-black request in her own way, and carried, instead of the more ordinary enamel compactum, a pochette made from the chased silver binding of an old German missal, with three or four large real violets threaded through its solid clasp.

Advertisers use VALS all the time, but shopping center developers can also use such psychographic tools to choose which department stores should anchor a mall, and which specialty shops can complement the anchors.

Val a visit at Wansdon, and Val thinks he picked up the idea that Rondavel was a real good one.