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n. 1 An ethnic group of Liberia and Sierra Leone. 2 The Niger-Congo language of the Vai people of Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Vai (Crete)

The palm beach of Vai is one of the largest attractions of the Mediterranean island of Crete. It features the largest natural palm forest in Europe, made up of Cretan Date Palm (Phoenix theophrasti).

For tourism Vai was discovered at the beginning of the 1970s by Richard White and friends from North London, Belfast and Bavaria, at the end of that decade it was popularised by the last Hippies who fled the hot-spots Matala and Preveli. At the beginning of the 1980s Vai was full of backpacker tourists from the whole world, leading to a mixture of chaotic campground and garbage dump. Vai was enclosed and declared as a protected area. The unique forest recovered, the beach became clean.

It is now a big tourist attraction and in August it is difficult to find a spot on the beach or indeed anywhere to park. lf you need the toilets you have to pay a euro or two. Because it is necessary to pay for parking, people park on the road so access can be difficult.

The palm beach, which belongs to the Moni Toplou, is the touristic center of East Crete, with thousands of visitors each year. Vai lies close to Palekastro, Sitia and the Dionysades islands.

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Adil Takhssait, better known by his stage name Vaï as a solo act, and earlier as Mélo (or Mélopsy) during his membership in Les Messagers du Son ( LMDS), is a Canadian ( Montreal, Quebec) rap and hip hop musician of Moroccan origin. Adil Takhssait was born 24 April 1979 in Paris, France, in a Moroccan family and immigrated to Canada in 1993, and established himself in Montreal. He is an author, composer and performer. He is signed to K.Pone.Inc record label.

Vai (Unicode block)

Vai is a Unicode block containing characters of the Vai syllabary used for writing the Vai language of Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Usage examples of "vai".

The third he recognized as well: Iulan Vai, standing pale and beautiful, her hand raised in salute or farewell.

Thel had offered her formal adoption into the syn-Grevi a number of times since their first meeting, as part of the customary advancement for someone who had served the family more than well, but Vai had always refused the honor.

Thel waited until Vai had made her choice, then took the remaining glass.

The town house recognized Agent-Principal Vai as one of those with the right of uncontested access, and let her come and go unchallenged in all the public and semi-private rooms.

He and Inadi had served their fleet-apprenticeship together, before he had gone to the Circles, and Vai knew how such an experience could bind people for years afterward.

With that he let his staff swing slowly toward Vai, his right, her left, aiming for wood, not flesh.

When the staves kissed, Ty brought his back as if it were rebounding, while Vai stepped forward and left, and lowered her staff to the horizontal.

Ty and Vai were dripping with sweat, their expressions like those of sleepers pulled from their dreams by a bucket of water.

He had come by the room earlier, a brief and preoccupied stop on the way to what Vai had suspected was a conference on how to handle the problem that she presented.

Man Vai had done any number of unlikely things, but until coming to Demaizen, she had made it her practice to leave the internal workings of the Mage-Circles strictly alone.

The members of his Circle kept up their vigil, barely speaking and barely moving, and Vai cared for all of them as best she could.

Then Arekhon hit him for the last time, and the silver cords pulled so tight around Vai that she cried out aloud.

Iulan Vai had left Hanilat without notice, delegating her investigations in the city entirely to her subordinates.

Man Vai, as far as Arekhon could tell, had cut the ties to her old life completely when she came to the Circle.

Narin and Vai and Garrod kneeling at the other points of the circle, overlaid with an image of Ty standing with the boarders in the muster bay.