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use tax

n. (context US English) A charge imposed on the use or possession of personal property

Use tax

A use tax is a type of excise tax levied in the United States by numerous state governments. Use tax is essentially the same as sales tax, but is applied not where a product or service was sold, but rather where a merchant bought a product or service then converted it for its own use but without having paid tax when it was initially purchased. Use taxes are functionally equivalent to sales taxes. They are typically levied upon the use, storage, enjoyment, or other consumption in the state of tangible personal property that has not been subjected to a sales tax.

Usage examples of "use tax".

He is not entitled to use tax-exempt funds to pay women to keep quiet about personal issues that involve him.

Determined not to pay for it herself, and savvy enough not to use tax money, she arranged for private donors - the same type of fat cat friends who would dominate their White House years - to chip in for Chelsea's pool.