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Urd (Oh My Goddess!)

is a character in the popular Oh My Goddess! manga and anime, voiced by Toma Yumi (冬馬由美). In the series, her character is only loosely based on the deity Urðr from Norse mythology. Visually, her character design shows influences from shoujo and art nouveau.


Urd may refer to:

  • Urðr, one of a group of three Norns in Norse mythology
  • Urd (Oh My Goddess!), character in the manga and anime series Oh My Goddess!
  • Urd (Dungeons & Dragons), a creature which appeared in the 2nd edition Monstrous Manual
  • Urd (bean), a type of bean (Vigna mungo)
  • " Urd", the 2012 album by the black metal band Borknagar
  • Urd, a mountain and the highest point on Bear Island, Svalbard, Norway
  • Urd (magazine)
  • Urdu (ISO 639-2 language code)

URD may refer to:

  • Union for Republic and Democracy, a political party in Mali
  • Union for Democratic Renewal, a political party in the Republic of the Congo
  • Union for Democratic Renewal, a political party in Senegal
  • Union for Renewal and Democracy, a political party in Chad
  • Unión Republicana Democrática (Democratic Republican Union), a political party in Venezuela
  • University of Religions and Denominations
  • User requirements document
  • Underground residential distribution
  • Undead Roller Derby
Urd (disambiguation)
  1. Redirect Urd
Urd (magazine)

Urd was a Norwegian women's magazine that existed from 1879 to 1958.

Urd (album)

Urd is the ninth full-length album by the Norwegian metal band Borknagar. Released on March 26, 2012, it is the first album to feature ICS Vortex and Vintersorg sharing lead vocals. It also marks the final recording with Borknagar by David Kinkade, who joined Soulfly after the recording and subsequently retired from music.

Usage examples of "urd".

Two days ago, at the command of Adana, the bulk of these Emers were sent to the caverns to exterminate the remnants of the Urd.