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The Collaborative International Dictionary

malnourished \malnourished\ adj. Not getting adequate food; suffering from malnutrition; underfed. [Narrower terms: starved, starving; unfed; foodless]


a. 1 not fed 2 unsupported

  1. adj. not fed

  2. not given support; "a grudge that remained unfed"

Usage examples of "unfed".

Then, finally, they allowed him to slump to the ground, retching and spewing up the watery contents of his unfed stomach, while they huddled in conference.

No matter what the cost, no matter if his accursed hunger went unfed and he endured the pains of hell, he would not kill again.

The Church sided with him, and the best soldiers were those who, unpaid, unfed, and half clad, fought on the southern slopes of the Pyrenees for a man who dared not lead them.

And these unfed swine might be as abandoned as the empty houses, the trail that had turned itself into a street, the rice paddies, the ditch that irrigated them, the whole little valley and the hills that closed it in.

The imminent prospect of the larger carnivores, to say nothing of rhinoceroses and bull bison, roaming at large and unfed in the heart of London, was not one which permitted of prolonged conferences.

It chews the contemplative cud In peril of isolate scorn, Unfed of the onward flood.

A neighbor, Carey Grayson, who called on Mitchell yesterday to buy seed grain, found his cows unmilked, a horse in the stable starving, chickens unfed, and no sign of life around the house.

And ye, the gods, will miss him when the fires Upon your shrines, unfed, neglected die.

Thus she denounced Her ancient, fickle worshippers, who left Her altars desecrate, her fires unfed, Her name forgotten.

The high-strung mounts were footsore, tired, and unfed, and in spite of their training, Gardan wanted them removed from the smell of blood.

It was an ancient hunger which, unfed, waited, crouched, metal entrail upon metal entrail, little flailing propellers of razor-screw all bright with lust.

I ascertained that such animals as did not succumb to the immediate effects of their mutilations were consigned to a cellar, to be kept, unattended and unfed, until wanted for the following lectures, which occurred on alternate days.

Homer Wells would be toothlessly biting his lip, perhaps grimacing, but not protesting that he was unfed and unattended.

It was a pretty dismal dog who stood shivering by the kerbside, looking first left then right, undecided, unwanted and unfed.