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interj. Interjection implying hesitation; see ''um


UMM may refer to:

  • UN/CEFACT's Modeling Methodology (UMM), a business process modeling methodology of the United Nations
  • UMM (União Metalo-Mecânica), a metal works factory and former Portuguese automobile manufacturer
  • University of Minnesota Morris
  • Underground Music Movement an Italian disco label, later turned clothing line
  • Urban Male Magazine, a Canadian men's magazine
  • Umm Kulthum, Egyptian singer
  • "Um" or "umm", an instance of speech disfluency
  • UMM blocks, Urea-molasses multinutrient blocks
  • Arabic word for mother
  • University of Maine at Machias, a college in Machias, Maine
  • University of Muhammadiyah Malang, a college in Malang, Indonesia
UMM (União Metalo-Mecânica)

UMM (, ) is a Portuguese metal works factory and ex-automobile manufacturer based in Lisbon, Portugal. It was founded in 1977 with the purpose of manufacturing four-wheel drive vehicles for agricultural, industrial and utility applications.

Usage examples of "umm".

Zahra was with the dressmaker being measured for her wedding clothes and Felicia was alone with Umm Faisal.

She was in her bedroom--she recognised that much at least--and Umm Faisal was hovering anxiously in the doorway, while Zahra and Raschid stood by her bed.

When she broke into an appalled apology Umm Faisal shook her head, plainly undisturbed.

Today Umm Faisal was dressed in Eastern costume, and Felicia suspected that the Western garb of the previous evening had been donned merely to put her at her ease.

She tried not to feel too dismayed when All brought the Mercedes to the door later that afternoon, wishing that Umm Faisal was going with her.

However, they were alone, Umm Faisal having excused herself, and Zahra seemed to be in the mood for confidences.

For the last few days the household had gone busily frantic over the arrangements for transporting Umm Faisal, Raschid, Zahra and herself, as well as the staff and everything that they would require, to the oasis for the duration of the birthday celebrations.

She toyed listlessly with her food while Umm Faisal and Zahra discussed the arrangements which had to be made for the trip to the oasis.

Once again Raschid did not join them for dinner, and when Umm Faisal explained that he was dining with friends, Felicia smiled rather mirthlessly to herself.

They were to travel in convoy, the Mercedes carrying Umm Faisal, Zahra and Felicia, going first, three other cars with the staff and the luggage following on behind.

Her original visit had had no time limit and it was generally accepted by Umm Faisal that she would stay with them until Faisal returned.

The visit was obviously a formal one, but when the other ladies rose to leave, Umm Faisal and Zahra were invited to stay on.

Somehow or other Felicia found herself travelling with Raschid, sitting in the front seat while Umm Faisal and Zahra occupied the back.

She would have to find Umm Faisal and Zahra and bid them goodbye, Felicia thought wretchedly when Nadia had gone.