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1953, abbreviation of Unidentified Flying Object, which is attested from 1950.


n. A UFO.

UFO (band)

UFO are an English rock band that was formed in 1969. They became a transitional group between early hard rock and heavy metal and the new wave of British heavy metal. UFO were ranked No. 84 on VH1's "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock".

UFO (TV series)

UFO is a 1970 British television science fiction series about an alien invasion of Earth, created by Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson with Reg Hill, and produced by the Andersons and Lew Grade's Century 21 Productions for Grade's ITC Entertainment company.

UFO was first broadcast in the UK and Canada in 1970 and in US syndication over the next two years. In all, 26 episodes, including the pilot, were filmed over the course of more than a year, with a five-month production break caused by the closure of the MGM-British Studios in Borehamwood, where the show was initially made.

The Andersons had previously made a number of very successful children's science fiction series using marionettes, including Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and Joe 90. They had also made one live-action science fiction movie, Doppelgänger, also known as Journey to the Far Side of the Sun, and now felt ready to move into live-action television and aim at a more adult market.

UFO was the Andersons' first totally live-action TV series. Despite the assumption of many TV station executives, the series was not aimed at children but was intended for an older audience; many episodes featured adult themes such as adultery, divorce, and drug use. Most of the cast were newcomers to Century 21 although star Ed Bishop had previously worked with the Andersons as a voice actor on Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons.

UFO (disambiguation)

A UFO (or unidentified flying object) is an aerial phenomenon reported without being identified.

UFO also may refer to:

UFO (ride)

The UFO is an amusement park ride designed by HUSS Maschinenfabrik in 1978, based on the company's Enterprise and Skylab amusement rides. Numerous carnivals feature this ride which is known as Alpha One Peeters and Vertical Limits.

UFO (satellite)

The Ultra High Frequency Follow-On (UFO) system is a United States Department of Defense (DOD) program sponsored and operated by the U.S. Navy to provide communications for airborne, ship, submarine and ground forces. The UFO constellation replaced the U.S. DOD Fleet Satellite Communications System (FLTSATCOM) constellation and will consist of eleven satellites. The ground terminal segment consists of equipment and resident personnel at existing satellite communication stations. The spacecraft are controlled by the Naval Satellite Operations Center (NAVSOC) located at the Naval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu, CA.

The UHF satellites will primarily serve tactical users. UFO provides almost twice as many channels as FLTSATCOM and has about 10 percent more power per channel. The EHF package on satellites four through eleven have an Earth coverage beam and a steerable five-degree spot beam that enhances its tactical use. The EHF capability also allows the UFO network to connect to the strategic Milstar system. Satellites eight, nine and ten also carry a Global Broadcast System in the Ka-Band.

First launch of the UFO took place on 25 March 1993, with constellation completion dependent on replacement needs for the aging FLTSATCOM constellation. The Atlas II is the current launch vehicle of choice; however, space shuttle compatibility existed. The UFO bus and payload weigh 2,300 pounds (1.04 tonne). The solar array spans 60.5 feet (18.4 m) and produce 2,500 watts at the end of the planned 14-year lifetime.

The UHF system supports stationary and mobile users including manportable, ships, submarines, aircraft and other mobile terminals. The UFO Follow-on system is schedule for replacement by the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS).

UFO (Newton Faulkner EP)

UFO is the third demo EP by Newton Faulkner. It was released on December 4, 2006 as a follow up to Full Fat. A studio recording of Teardrop (cover of the Massive Attack song) was later released as a single on Hand Built by Robots. The songs U.F.O and Feels Like Home are also included on this album.

UFO (Daugherty)

UFO for solo percussion and orchestra (1999) and for solo percussion and symphonic band (2000) by American composer Michael Daugherty, is a composition written for percussionist Evelyn Glennie.

The world of American pop culture inspires much of Daugherty's music, in the present case, the unidentified flying objects that have been an obsession in American popular culture since 1947 .

UFO (Pink Lady song)

"UFO" is Pink Lady's sixth single release, released on December 5, 1977. With a total of 1,950,000 sales, this single was their highest grossing ever, and spent ten weeks at the top of the Japanese singles chart. Although it was released in December 1977, It was voted best song from 1978 in the Japanese music program The Best Ten.

They won the 20th edition of the Japan Record Award with this song.

According to Oricon, this was the best selling single from 1978.

"UFO" is also featured in the video game Just Dance Wii.

Ufo (Club, Berlin)

The Ufo (lit. UFO) was the first Acid House club in Berlin. It was the pioneer place for the Techno scene during the reunification. Club's residents and guests DJs included, among others, to Tanith, Jonzon, Rok, Dr. Motte, Mike van Dijk and the then 13-year-old Kid Paul.

UFO (Sneaky Sound System song)

"UFO" is the fifth single by Australian dance group Sneaky Sound System, taken from their self-titled debut album Sneaky Sound System. "UFO" has been Sneaky Sound System's most successful song to date, peaking at #11 on the ARIA Singles Chart. Due to the success of the single and perhaps Sneaky Sound System's numerous live performances, the album has reached a new peak of #5 on the ARIA Albums Chart. The tune (especially in the chorus) borrows heavily from the 1981 song Girls on Film by Duran Duran and shares similarities to the Cure's " The Walk". The song was certified Platinum in Australia, with sales of 70,000.

UFO (musician)

Kristian Humaidan (born in Denmark in 1981) better known by his stage name UFO, is a Danish, singer, rapper and hip hop artist. He was part of the rap duo UFO & Yepha before splitting-up and going solo. With the split, UFO is noticeably branching into Danish music rather than hip hop as in the days with Yepha.

UFO (1956 film)

Unidentified Flying Objects is a 1956 semi-documentary about the development of the UFO phenomenon in the United States. Video clips from the documentary have often been used in other UFO documentaries and television episodes related to UFOs.

UFO (restaurant)

UFO is a restaurant in central Bratislava, Slovakia. It is located on top of the Most SNP bridge over the river Danube. The restaurant received the Restaurant of the Year award in 2011. The name "UFO" comes from the restaurant's shape, resembling a flying saucer. The Most SNP bridge and the UFO restaurant on top of it are one of Bratislava's most famous and most prominent landmarks.

The restaurant is located on top of the bridge's support pylon. Access to the restaurant is available from two lifts located on the walking and cycling ways on either side of the bridge. The main carriageway of the Most SNP bridge is for motor traffic only. On the very top of the restaurant is a separate observation deck offering views over Bratislava. Access to the lifts costs €6.50, but when eating in the restaurant, this is deducted from the bill.

On the top of the saucer there is an area which gives a panoramic view of Bratislava.

The restaurant serves both traditional Slovak and international cuisine. The restaurant itself describes its cuisine as "Mediterasian".

UFO (Vigiland song)

"UFO" is a song by Swedish DJ/music producing house music duo Vigiland, made up of Claes Remmered Persson and Otto Pettersson. The song is in the style of Melbourne Bounce, a slightly more hip hop and sharper variant of progressive house music.

Usage examples of "ufo".

There is genuine scientific paydirt in UFOs and alien abductions - but it is, I think, of a distinctly home-grown and terrestrial character.

While alien abduction stories have much more the flavour of profane, demonic apparitions, insight into the UFO myth can also be gained from visions described as sacred.

People who see ghosts or religious apparitions have the same patterns as the UFO contactees.

Many of the choicest tidbits in UFO lore were not actual events but were put into circulation by contactees who placed their complete trust in their contacters.

A press conference was held and he was catapulted into the never-never land of the UFO contactees, the center of one of the biggest UFO stories of 1966.

Their exploits, chronicled by the historian Curtis Peebles, ought to have made UFO enthusiasts cautious forever about crashed saucer stories from the American Southwest around 1950.

In those days none of the UFO enthusiasts knew anything about these factors and a hoax seemed very unlikely.

Since many of the UFO enthusiasts are very unstable to begin with, the device has been very effective.

Were these calls the work of the CIA, as so many of the UFO enthusiasts believed?

But in late August she was phoning UFO enthusiasts again, showering them with predictions .

And even if the military believed that UFOs were manufactured neither by Soviets nor by extraterrestrials, there was a good reason to follow the reports closely.

So such hallucinations, generated spontaneously, or with chemical or experiential assists, may play a role, perhaps a central role, in the UFO accounts.

Kelley was apparently another one of the impressive but elusive hoaxsters who haunt the UFO field.

Although a few have been reported with propeller-like appendages or with jet-like exhausts, the typical UFO hovers above the earth with no visible means of support, then shoots away without any apparent build-up, like a bullet shot from a gun.

That strikes me as one hell of a big step to take in response to a few UFO phenomena, especially as Illyria seems quite ready to pick up the gauntlet.