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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tyro \Ty"ro\, n.; pl. Tyros. [L. tiro a newlylevied soldier, a beginner.] A beginner in learning; one who is in the rudiments of any branch of study; a person imperfectly acquainted with a subject; a novice. [Written also tiro.]

The management of tyros of eighteen Is difficult.


n. (plural of tyro English)

  1. n. someone new to a field or activity [syn: novice, beginner, tyro, initiate]

  2. [also: tyros (pl)]


See tiro

Usage examples of "tyros".

He might speak in the accents of Tyros, but startle you with his knowledge of the habits of wild tarns, knowledge one would expect to only find in one of Thentis.

I noted, to my interest, the large, yellow medium galley from Tyros, too, was casting off.

For more than a century there had been bad blood between Tyros and Ar.

A merchant of Tabor, accordingly, fearing Tyros, would not be likely to return Talena to Marlenus.

It would be far more likely that the girl would be presented to Tyros, the daughter of their enemy, naked and in chains of a slave, as a token of good will.

Tyros’ financing of Vosk pirates, over the past century, was an attempt to deprive Ar of the Vosk markets, and make those markets more dependent on overland shipments of goods, originally debarked at shore ports, brought to them by the cargo ships of Tyros, and other maritime powers.

Should Marlenus fall to Verna and her band, Tyros might be much interested in his acquisition.

Doubtless in Tyros there will be several who would not be displeased to have in their pleasure gardens one who was once the daughter of Marlenus of Ar.

The men of Tyros, when the wine had been drunk, were to storm the camp.

The women, the four slaves, and he who wore the swath of panther girls, were taken, with the majority of the men of Tyros, into the forest.

It puzzled me, somewhat, that the men of Tyros had dared to approach the camp, with only some one hundred and fifty men.

Then, at a given signal, the panther girls within, abetted by the men of Tyros without, would have, with clubs and ropes, and the butts of their spears, sprung to the attack.

I thus conjectured, with Rim, and Marlenus, that Sarus of Tyros, leader of the enemy, held some ninety-six men.

Doubtless they would first bring him so through the streets, between jeering throngs, chained to the back of a tharlarion wagon, white-silk maidens of Tyros dancing beside him, casting love blossoms upon him.

A man of Tyros had a hide drum and, at one side of the clearing, was pounding out a monotonous, repetitive preparatory rhythm.