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Twm or TWM may refer to:

  • twm, the default window manager for the X Window System
  • Tanu Weds Manu, a 2011 Hindi romantic comedy film
  • Tawang language (ISO-639: twm), spoken in India
  • 10 Minute Warning, an American punk band
  • Teradata Warehouse Miner, data mining software
  • Third World Media, an American pornographic film studio
  • Tiling window manager, a class of window managers
  • Tyne and Wear Metro

Usage examples of "twm".

Ebben Owens was already up to receive them, the big oak coffers in the grain room were swept out, the dry meal poured into them, and Twm the carter, with white cotton stockings kept for the occasion drawn over his feet and legs, stood in the coffers treading the meal into as hard a mass as possible.

So Twm had driven them home again, and was even now turning them into the old cowhouse.

Ebben Owens leant more on Gwilym and Ann, and Twm took his own way more, but further than this there was no difference in the daily routine of work.