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homosexual (=sexually attracted to people of the same sex)
▪ He was dismissed for gross misconduct, which seems to have centred on drug taking and homosexual activities.
▪ They are certainly not engaging in homosexual activity, but she is definitely at risk if he is a carrier.
▪ Of these, around 13,900 had been infected through male homosexual activity, 2,000 through drug use and 6,500 through heterosexual activity.
▪ Persons who have engaged in homosexual activities or have shot street drugs within the last 10 years should never donate blood.
▪ The second, 1 Cor 6: 9-11, speaks about both the active and the passive participants in homosexual activity.
▪ The photograph depicted two naked men, engaged in one of the most nauseating of homosexual acts.
▪ He was gay at a time when homosexual acts were prosecuted in Britain.
▪ Supported reducing the age of consent for homosexual acts to 16.
▪ The law says you can marry at 16, but not consent to homosexual acts until you are 21.
▪ With homosexual behaviour, however, the opposite has been true.
▪ Mrs Whitehouse's position was, then, that homosexual behaviour was abnormal and sinful.
▪ Member whatever viewpoint he or she put forward, has condoned homosexual behaviour.
▪ Unlike its recommendations on homosexual conduct, the section of the report that dealt with prostitution was largely uncontroversial.
▪ In employing essentially utilitarian criteria, the Wolfenden Committee gave rise to legislation which decriminalised certain forms of homosexual conduct.
▪ The Committee's recommendations on prostitution were acted upon with far more haste than those concerning homosexual conduct.
▪ On the Freudian model it is the repression and sublimation of homosexual desire that helps secure identity and social organization.
▪ So to the question, Must liberated homosexual males always produce a culture of promiscuity? the answer appears to be no.
▪ Lambeth Council is trying to encourage more homosexual men and women to adopt children or become foster parents.
▪ Data on rates of infection among homosexual men is scarce.
▪ Main outcome measures - Number of cases of rectal gonorrhoea and newly diagnosed infection in homosexual men.
▪ Design - Case-control study in cohorts of drug misusers and homosexual men.
▪ Many of these predisposing factors are observed more often among drug users than among homosexual men.
▪ For instance, a homosexual man recently became infected with a zidovudine-resistant strain of HIV-1, although he had not taken zidovudine himself.
▪ Prejudices are challenged and myths exposed - for example that only homosexual men and drug users are at risk.
▪ By 1980, venereal disease was widespread-and four out of every five of the patients were homosexual men.
▪ For society, the real choice is between homosexual marriage and homosexual alienation.
▪ The bill also would bar the federal government from recognizing homosexual marriages.
▪ Clinton opposes homosexual marriage, according to White House spokesman Mike McCurry.
▪ All sorts of superficial variations-from homosexual marriage to companionate partnership-may be played on the primal themes of human life.
▪ Nine states have outlawed homosexual marriages.
▪ Simon Hughes continued his dismissal with a swirl of dictionary arguments concerning the unacceptability of homosexual relationships as families.
▪ In his eyes, a monogamous homosexual relationship was as moral as a monogamous heterosexual relationship.
▪ In all institutions complex social systems flourished, based on close emotional, homosexual relationships.
▪ Respondents backed equal rights for gays and lesbians, but they were about evenly split on the morality of homosexual relationships.
▪ In male prisons, while homosexual relationships exist they are less likely to be tolerated if they involve truly loving feelings.
▪ Researchers in Britain however, have not, found homosexual relationships to have the same importance as the basis of a subculture.
▪ Should the case of the homosexual union be treated differently?
▪ But a small, growing school of Catholic intellectuals argue that natural theology actually supports the morality of homosexual unions.
▪ My analysis of the particular qualities of the institution shows that it may well extend to cover a homosexual union.
▪ More fundamental, and not to be avoided, is the question of whether homosexual unions should be excluded.
▪ In its present form it would have no relevance to homosexual unions and little relevance to a union involving a transsexual.
▪ What, then, of the homosexual union?
closet homosexual/alcoholic etc
▪ Greek literature provides evidence for homosexual activity among both males and females.
▪ Steve was 18 when he told his parents he was homosexual.
▪ Changing social values have increased the numbers of homosexual or unmarried households.
▪ Minton belonged to the kind of homosexual whose ideal is manly because their temperament is feminine.
▪ Mr Portillo's decision, which follows his admission last year to homosexual experiences as a young man, surprised Conservative headquarters.
▪ Nine states have outlawed homosexual marriages.
▪ Should the case of the homosexual union be treated differently?
▪ The 6-3 ruling was hailed by gay activists as a landmark in homosexual rights.
▪ This is true for both heterosexual and homosexual couples.
▪ What did he mean, the homosexual life?
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1892, in C.G. Chaddock's translation of Krafft-Ebing's "Psychopathia Sexualis," from German homosexual, homosexuale (by 1880, in Gustav Jäger), from homo-, comb. form of Greek homos "same" (see homo- (1)) + Latin-based sexual. "Homosexual" is a barbarously hybrid word, and I claim no responsibility for it. It is, however, convenient, and now widely used. "Homogenic" has been suggested as a substitute. [H. Havelock Ellis, "Studies in Psychology," 1897]\nSexual inversion (1883) was an earlier clinical term for it in English. The noun is recorded by 1895. In technical use, either male or female; but in non-technical use almost always male. Slang shortened form homo first attested 1929. See also uranian.


a. 1 (context of a person or animal English) sexually attracted primarily to other members of the same sex. Being either a male androphile or a female gynephile. (qualifier: Sometimes used in the sense of sole/exclusive attraction.) 2 (context of a romantic or sexual act or relationship English) Between two people of the same gender or same sex; gay. 3 Intended for or used by homosexuals, ''as'' a nightclub, a bar, etc. n. A person who is attracted solely or primarily to others of the same sex.


adj. sexually attracted to members of your own sex [ant: bisexual, heterosexual]


n. someone who practices homosexuality; having a sexual attraction to persons of the same sex [syn: homo, gay]

Usage examples of "homosexual".

CD, with the drag queens, the talk shows only serve to heighten the ambivalence about cross-dressing: Is the true CD a stable, middle-aged, married white-collar worker or is he a flamboyant, effeminate homosexual who takes female hormones and has breast implants?

Psychoanalysis suggests homophobia arises because we fear or hate our own unconscious homosexual tendencies.

I got them to have homosexual intercourse in front of me, made them have cunnilingus and offered only token resistance to their attempts to masturbate me by hand.

Stock countered with his own diagnosis: borderline personality disorder, homosexual pedophilia, and sexual sadism that led him to inflict pain on others in order to sexually gratify himself.

Homotka, Karla Leanne, 71-77, 320 relationship with Bernardo of, 74-75, 76 Homolka, Tammy Lyn, rape and murder of, 72-73, 75 homosexual pedophilia, 117 Hoover, J.

The young seminarian had shared his homosexual fears with him, unknowingly setting himself up for the murder of that poor, defenseless paperboy.

Did he realize that one day millions of people the world over would be worshipping the image of a fifteenth-century homosexual heretic in the place of their beloved God, thatLeonardo da Vinci was literally to become the image of Jesus Christ ?

Needless to say, the sex humiliation angle is contraindicated for overt homosexuals.

Robert was a nervous Old Etonian homosexual with a fantastic eye for art.

Vera would believe the scourge was a godsent plague in judgment of homosexuals.

During recent decades, homosexual love stories and homoerotic fiction have come out of the closet.

They also show that maladaptive sexual behavior transcends the simplistic division of homosexual and heterosexual.

Studio heads were trying to erase any signs of homosexual misconduct, while comic star Mabel Normand was hunting for love letters she had written to Taylor.

Rozanov fantasized of a patriarchal, but tolerant world in which homosexuals would be recognised as a sort of creative monastic community, in which prostitution would be reorganised into an idyllic, almost religious evening ritual and in which the onanist would find a way out of his isolation and melancholy.

Shand, who was openly homosexual, was known to frequent several Edinburgh gay bars, including at least one believed to cater for those whose tastes run to sadomasochistic practices.