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Tuuli ( Finnish for " wind") can stand for:

  • Tuuli (name), Finnish and Estonian feminine given name
  • Finnish hovercraft Tuuli
  • Tuuli, a Canadian power punk band
  • Tuuli was the name of a Finnish Tuima class missile boat
  • Tuuli was the name of a Finnish T-class motor torpedo boat
  • the Finnish Valmet Tuuli aircraft
  • Mongol Tuuli, Mongolian epic
Tuuli (name)

Tuuli is a Finnish and Estonian feminine given name and may refer to:

  • Tuuli Koch (born 1978), Estonian journalist
  • Tuuli Luukas (born 1966), Finnish artist
  • Tuuli Matinsalo (born 1970), Finnish aerobic gymnast
  • Tuuli Mattelmäki (born 1965), Finnish industrial designer, researcher and lecturer
  • Tuuli Merikoski-Silius (born 1967), Finnish middle distance runner
  • Tuuli Petäjä-Sirén (born 1983), Finnish windsurfer
  • Tuuli Rand (born 1990), Estonian singer
  • Tuuli Rannikko (born 1947), Finnish writer
  • Tuuli Reijonen (1904–1997), Finnish writer and translator
  • Tuuli Roosma (born 1975), Estonian TV journalist and producer
  • Tuuli Vahtra (born 1989), Estonian chess player
  • Tuuli Velling (née Tuuli Taul, born 1986), Estonian singer and poet
  • Tuuli, Finnish singer