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Tus may refer to:

  • Tus (biology), a protein involved in termination of prokaryotic DNA replication
  • Thales Underwater Systems, an international defence contractor
  • Tuscarora language, an Iroquoian language spoken in southern Ontario, Canada, and northwestern New York, United States
  • An informal word used to alert nearby individuals of incoming superiors
Tus (biology)

Tus, also known as terminus utilization substance, is a protein that binds to terminator sequences and acts as a counter- helicase when it comes in contact with an advancing helicase. The bound Tus protein effectively halts DNA polymerase movement. Tus helps end DNA replication in prokaryotes.

In E. coli, Tus binds to 10 closely related sites encoded in the chromosome. These sites bind 23 base-pairs. The 10 sites are called Ter sites, and are designated TerA, TerB, ..., TerJ. These binding sites are asymmetric, such that when a Tus-Ter complex (Tus protein bound to a Ter site) is encountered by a replication fork from one direction, the complex is dissociated and replication continues (permissive). But when encountered from the other direction, the Tus-Ter complex provides a much larger kinetic barrier and halts replication (non-permissive). The multiple Ter sites in the chromosome are oriented such that the two oppositely moving replication forks are both stalled in the desired termination region.

Bacillus subtilis utilize replication terminator protein (RTP) instead of Tus.

Tus (river)

Tus is a river of the Province of Albacete, Spain.

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Tus (rapper)

Christos Tusis ( Greek: Χρήστος Τούσης, born 23 July 1986), better known as Tus, is a Greek rapper.