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n. (plural of turn English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: turn)

Usage examples of "turns".

After a few turns they learned to step briskly with legs in close contact also.

Yet I never grew sore, and that is the hardest thing of all to understand because two or three turns with George in one evening is usually enough to make me burn when I walk the next day.

But as soon as the world turns fully away from the star it will become cold.

A queue of women, obviously whores from their paint and indifference, waited their turns for judgement.

When one cuts a thin strip across the colour and turns it sideways in the glass, the cut edge of the paper looks an inch wide but the pigments which produce the colour have no visible width!

It turns out that only a few stars are close enough for it to measure their distance.

I suppose that many a girl turns to prostitution because of such intolerance.

Liquid or solid, the floor absorbs it instantly, and any remainder on your skin turns to dust and floats away.

Just when you find what seems to be a nice one that likes a good poke, he turns out to be a sod!

It turns out that I was mistaken when I told you that only a Tyrin penis could determine your pregnancy.

London, taking turns at the wheel with Katie to help it go faster, or you can wait for us to arrive there and then Floo to her flat, and Mrs.

They took turns releasing it, then each went to the goals at the opposite ends of the pitch before starting to look for it.

George entered, carrying one of his children in each arm, looking very proud, a roar went up, and Maggie and Hermione each claimed one of the babies, while Katie took turns cooing at each of them.

Mariah was by turns hysterical or confined to the hospital wing in a state of near-catatonia.

Immediately upon arrival there, Recktall Brown turns his back upon it, a gesture which leaves its expression unchanged as he obscures it with the one which has superseded it.