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n. (plural of tunk English)


Tunks is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Jason Tunks (born 1975), international level discus thrower
  • Lieja Tunks (born 1976), shot putter
  • Peter Tunks (born 1958), Australian former rugby league player
  • Roy Tunks (born 1951), professional footballer

Usage examples of "tunks".

She collapsed the tingler fence and tucked it in her pack, smoothed her hand down the outside of the harp case, tapped her fingers on the leather, snapped it open, touched the loosened strings, sighed at the dull toneless tunks she produced.

Rain dripping in sharp brittle tip tap tunks about her, Ti-cat slid through the deep shadow under the huts, nervous because those high floors suggested strongly that predators like the skitterdiscs prowled here at night.