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Tullus (comics)

Tullus was an American biblical comic strip published from 1943 until 1976. It was created by Joseph Hughes Newton and is set in the 1st century AD.

Tullus (praenomen)
This page is about the Latin praenomen. For the third king of Rome, see Tullus Hostilius.

Tullus ( or rarely ) is a Latin praenomen, or personal name, which was used from the earliest times to the end of the Roman Republic. Although never particularly common, the name gave rise to the patronymic gens Tullia, and it may have been used as a cognomen by families that had formerly used the name. The feminine form is Tulla. The name is not usually abbreviated, but is sometimes found with the abbreviation Tul.

The praenomen Tullus is best known from Tullus Hostilius, the third king of Rome. Other examples include Attius Tullus, a Volscian leader, in which Tullus is either a cognomen or an inverted praenomen; Tullus Cloelius, a Roman envoy, Tullus Cluvius, mentioned by the orator Marcus Tullius Cicero in the 1st century BC, and a father and son from gens Tullia who lived at Tibur. Writing at the time of Cicero, the scholar Marcus Terentius Varro listed Tullus amongst several praenomina that he considered obsolete, although the foregoing examples show that it was still in limited use.


Tullus may refer to

  • Tullus (praenomen), an ancient Roman praenomen
  • Tullus Hostilius, legendary king of Rome
  • Tullus (comics), a comic book character