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n. (plural of tule English)


Tuleš is a village in the municipality of Aleksandrovac, Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the village has a population of 496 people.

Usage examples of "tules".

They were soon out of the miniature city of the Post, and held on down through the low reach of tules and sand-dunes that stretch between the barracks and the old red fort.

They dug holes and sank posts, slender posts to hold up roofs made of tules for shade.

The tall, rustling tules grew out of the deep water close to the dilapidated boat-landing where they sat.

Not a hundred feet away, anchored close in the tules, lay a beautiful white yacht.

They passed many arks and houseboats of fishermen moored among the tules, and the women and children, like the men in the boats, were dark-skinned, black-eyed, foreign.