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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Trillium \Tril"li*um\, n. [NL.; cf. L. trilix triple-woven, triple.] (Bot.) A genus of liliaceous plants; the three-leaved nightshade; -- so called because all the parts of the plant are in threes.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1768, from Modern Latin trillium (Linnaeus, 1753), from Latin tri- "three" (see three). So called for its leaves and flower segments.


n. Any of several perennial flowering plants, of the genus ''Trillium'', having flowers with three petals


n. any liliaceous plant of the genus Trillium having a whorl of three leaves at the top of the stem with a single three-petaled flower [syn: wood lily, wake-robin]


Trillium (trillium, wakerobin, tri flower, birthroot, birthwort) is a genus of perennial flowering plants native to temperate regions of North America and Asia.

It was formerly treated in the family Trilliaceae or trillium family, a part of the Liliales or lily order. The APG III system includes Trilliaceae in the family Melanthiaceae, where can be treated as the tribe Parideae.

Trillium (disambiguation)

Trillium is a genus of flowering plants. It may also refer to:

  • Trillium CNG, a subsidiary of WEC Energy Group
  • Trillium Corporation, the former name of the Telarium Corporation, a publisher of adventure games in the 1980s
  • Trillium Corporation, a land, timber, and real estate development company headquartered in Bellingham, WA, USA
  • Trillium Cup, an annual two-team cup rivalry between Major League Soccer's Toronto FC and the Columbus Crew
  • Trillium Digital Systems, a software company providing portable communications software products.
  • Trillium Model is a software engineering model for telecommunications systems
  • Trillium Report, a German medical magazine
  • Trillium series, a series of fantasy novels by Andre Norton, Marion Zimmer Bradley and Julian May
  • Trillium (Vertigo), an 8-issue comic series by Jeff Lemire
  • Trillium Software, a suite of software products from Harte-Hanks
  • A range of VLSI Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) used in the semiconductor industry - popular in the 1980s
  • Telereal Trillium a British property company
  • Trillium, a heavy metal band founded and fronted by Amanda Somerville
Trillium (Buckeye)

Trillium is a 7,200 residential units master-planned community in Buckeye, Arizona, United States of America.

Site work on the project started in 2007,but no date was set for residential development. The developers of Douglass Ranch bought the Trillium project in February 2007, in order to develop both projects in tandem. The development is partly owned by Jerry Colangelo.

The project will be developed along the Sun Valley Parkway and be the entrance to Douglas Ranch, Buckeye.

Trillium (Vertigo)

Trillium is a creator owned 8-issue comic series by Jeff Lemire, published by Vertigo Comics in 2013. Lemire's Sweet Tooth collaborator José Villarrubia is the colorist. The story is an inter-dimensional, time traveling love story between two explorers in two different time periods: William Pike, a World War I veteran on an expedition to the lost temples of the Incas in Peru in 1921, and Nika Temsmith, a botanist researching a strange flower on the outer-rim of colonized space in 3797. Separated by thousands of years, William and Nika's budding love threatens the fabric of the universe. Lemire stated that the work of Arthur C. Clarke and Moebius, and contemporary comic series Saga, had a major influence on his story.

Trillium is written and illustrated by Lemire, who is known for his creator owned graphic novels, Lost Dogs, Essex County, The Underwater Welder, and comic book series, Sweet Tooth. Trillium is his third title with Vertigo.

Usage examples of "trillium".

The door was plastered with biohazard symbol and warning: CAUTION BIOHAZARD DO NOT ENTER WITHOUT WEARING VENTILATED SUIT The international symbol for biohazard, which is pasted on doors at USAMRIID whenever they open through a major transition of zones, is a red trefoil that reminds me of a red trillium, or toadshade.

He flew right out at me, landed on my shoulder, gave me a lecture that I shall never forget, and vanished under the scant cover of trillium and bloodroot leaves.

The azaleas succeeded to the anemones, the orchis and trillium followed, then the yellow gerardias and the feathery purple pogonias, and finally the growing gleam of the golden-rods along the wood-side and the red umbels of the tall eupatoriums in the meadow announced the close of summer.

Another thing, Trillium Covert and Madrono Ranch were happily situated in a narrow thermal belt, so that in the frosty mornings of winter the temperature was always several degrees higher than in the rest of the valley.

The magical trillium amulets were hung on fine golden chains, and the Princesses wore them waking or sleeping.

The three Princesses are said to wear amulets containing buds of the Black Trillium.

Wild flowers were scattered through the woods, white trilliums, yellow violets, rose pink hawthorn, while yellow jonquils and blue and yellow gentians dominated some of the higher meadows.

You now pursue the Three Petals of the Living Trillium, the Princesses of Ruwenda, and would put them also to death.

It was a trillium nearly as tall as Haramis herself, bare-rooted, with spreading glossy leaves, and seedpods, and a myriad of night-black blossoms each as large as an outstretched hand.

Thousands more of the trilliums remained, spreading their petals beneath the light of the Triple Moons.

I have had," she continued dispassionately, "at least two major brainstorms in the last five years, and the Flower only knows"-her fingers went to the bit of Trillium embedded in amber in the Talisman about her neck—"how many minor ones.

Her eyes lit on a trillium, a three-leaved dark red flower that grew amid a patch of velvet ferns.

Yet we won out—and Black Trilliums bloomed in Ruwenda for the first time unce the withdrawing of the Conquering Ice.

But now you must flee, Petal of the Living Trillium, and gain the land before the sorcerer realizes what has happened and wreaks his vengeance upon you.