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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Among scientists, botanists especially had grasped the potential of the new art of photography for recording complex scientific specimens.
▪ As well as being an ardent botanist, Mr Taylor is also something of a historian.
▪ In the search for a new cultivar, the botanists accidentally produced a supersensitive variety they called Bel-W3.
▪ Janice Bowers, the botanist and author, tells me that I might be allergic to mold.
▪ Just over the aisle it's the seaside, complete with botanist, David Bellamy in full flow.
▪ Those who knew of his predilections often wondered why he had not become a botanist, an entomologist, a biologist.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Botanist \Bot"a*nist\, n. [Cf. F. botaniste.] One skilled in botany; one versed in the knowledge of plants.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1680s; see botany + -ist.


n. (context botany English) A person engaged in botany, the scientific study of plants.


n. a biologist specializing in the study of plants [syn: phytologist, plant scientist]

Botanist (band)

Botanist is a San Francisco black metal band founded by American musician Otrebor, who formerly ran the online music magazine Maelstrom.

Usage examples of "botanist".

Scrambling in the dell of a burn, he had observed both varieties of the filmy fern and what he knew to be a very rare cerast, and, though an ardent botanist, he had observed them unmoved.

After a few hundred yards of thick forest, containing many trees which were quite unknown to me, but which Summerlee, who was the botanist of the party, recognized as forms of conifera and of cycadaceous plants which have long passed away in the world below, we entered a region where the stream widened out and formed a considerable bog.

Botanists have plants whose passionate emotional lives can be monitored with He detectors, anthropologists have surviving ape-men, zoologists have extant dinosaurs, and evolutionary biologists have Biblical literalists snapping at their flanks.

The fisherman fall-off rate at Streamside is alarming some years, even though a quiet non-fishing botanist might see dozens of lunker phantoms splashing in the pools, chasing the nearly invisible insects.

Now Cousin Benedict was, in no sense, a botanist, nor a mineralogist, nor a geologist.

They are scarcely more dissimilar than the primrose, the cowslip, and the oxlip, which have all been raised from the seed of the same plant, and are now regarded by botanists as varieties instead of species.

It is so like our planet that a terrestrial botanist might find his every species there, even to the meanest pondweed or the remotest Alpine blossom.

Botanist standards the Prefect of Seh was a very old man and his age inhabited his body in manner uncommon among the Botahist trained.

As a botanist, I believe you will be interested in the contrivances of myself and Uder Che.

About this time a botanist, complete with vasculum, was noticed working over the heath.

Greek botanists, by whom it was valued as an excellent astringent and vulnerary.

Astrological botanists advise to pull the berries when the sun is in Virgo.

Rapt and prophetic, his plump hands clasped round the handle of his umbrella, his billycock hat a trifle askew, this irascible little man of the Voice, this impatient dreamer, this scolding Optimist, who has argued so rudely and dogmatically about economics and philosophy and decoration, and indeed about everything under the sun, who has been so hard on the botanist and fashionable women, and so reluctant in the matter of beer, is carried onward, dreaming dreams, dreams that with all the inevitable ironies of difference, may be realities when you and I are dreams.

Had Brewster been a botanist, he would have known there was no record of any such plant as a peregrine bush.

But Brewster was not a botanist, and as is often the case with scientists, he was not terribly concerned with any new developments outside his chosen field.