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n. (context fantasy gaming English) A fictional organism having many characteristics of a tree, but with human-like mobility and facial features.


A treant is a fictional creature found in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

Usage examples of "treant".

Akabar warned, stepping between the saurial and the treant he was pointing at.

A huge treant held him in one of its woody hands and glared down at him.

With both hands, Gryphyt grabbed a section of the tendril between his throat and the treant and gave a sharp, powerful tug.

The tendril snapped in two like a piece of rotten twine, but before Grypht could move away to try another spell, a second treant came up behind him and smashed one of its arms down heavily on the saurial's head.

Quickly he rolled away from the treant, and gritting his teeth against the pain, he staggered to his feet.

The wounded treant attacking Grypht was caught in the perimeter of the blazing wall.

The southern mage spat out another spell and rushed forward to distract the treant so the saurial could escape.

The fiery magical weaponry pierced the hide of the treant, setting its leaves alight, but its bark burnt little better than that of its companion.

The treant cackled wickedly and pointed at Grypht with its free leafy hand.

The remaining treant backed away from the fire, and Grypht seized the opportunity to roll away from the monster's feet toward Akabar.

Akabar pulled away the treant vines that remained around the creature's throat, carefully removing the suckers that appeared to be burrowing into the scales and plate protecting Grypht's neck.

A model of a treant held two humans in its branches while fire surrounded its base.

The wizard might appear to be as dry and wizened as a treant, but the flame of his hatred burned bright.

He rushed toward the saurial wizard and yanked at the sleeve of his robe, jerking his arm to one side, so that the fireball Grypht had summoned exploded off to one side of the treants instead of in their midst.

These creatures might once have been treants, but like Kyre, they'd been infested somehow with a rotting parasite that made them servants of the Darkbringer.