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roleplaying game

n. 1 (context games English) A type of game where one or more players assume the role of characters (usually one each), and interact with a fictional world either defined by themselves or through the mediation of a player known as the game master. 2 (context video games English) A type of computer game where the player takes the role of a character or party, normally lacking tests of physical skill and including more story-telling and narrative aspects than traditional action games.

Usage examples of "roleplaying game".

Sometimes it includes specific game characteristics so that Narrators or Dungeon Masters (those who mediate the game and directs the storyline for the players) can immediately use the secrets in a roleplaying game.

Hes written material for the Star Wars roleplaying game, published several science fiction and historical fantasy stories, edited two Star Wars anthologies, and reported for a newspaper in Connecticut.