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n. (plural of tradition English)

Traditions (album)

Traditions is the 22nd studio album by American musician Bobby Womack. The album was released on November 4, 1999, by Capitol Records.

Usage examples of "traditions".

There are traditions that govern duels and those same traditions govern the Honor-War.

The traditions will be followed in detail, and I stand behind them with fang and claw.

If any of you here today violate the traditions, I will end your line.

Conservers were oath bound to act with impartiality to preserve the traditions, and perhaps they were counting on that.

Kchula-Tzaatz was under no illusions as to the traditions he had bent in mounting his attack, despite his care in maintaining at least the appearance of adherence.

What if Kzin-Conserver decided that in fact the traditions had been violated?

Jotok, where he belongs, applying the traditions to my own Lesser Prides.

If the traditions did not decree that a Rrit become Patriarch, then the Great Prides would war upon each other constantly.

These traditions serve to stabilize our species for the benefit of all.

The Dueling Traditions serve to limit the damage of inevitable conflict.

Tradition demands that I pronounce your conduct and your pride honorless, and your conquest without validity, for where tradition is violated other traditions exist to restore stability.

Yes, the Great Prides will leap at your throat if I judge against you, and I myself would find the finest traditions to guide the Hunt Priests in the preparation of your Ceremonial Death.

This is supported by the traditions, by the rituals, by the entire structure of the Priesthood.

War is already the result, and Kchula-Tzaatz has not been particularly bound by the traditions in his conduct of it.

Some Traditions serve the species, like the code of honor, and the Dueling Traditions, but many serve only the priesthood, and the priesthood serves the Black Priests.