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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tower \Tow"er\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. towered; p. pr. & vb. n. towering.] To rise and overtop other objects; to be lofty or very high; hence, to soar.

On the other side an high rock towered still.

My lord protector's hawks do tower so well.

  1. Equipped with a tower. v

  2. (en-past of: tower)

Usage examples of "towered".

He pictured to himself the moment when he must advance to meet her, and could not help thinking of his little tutor Chufu, above whom he towered by two heads while he was still a boy, and who used to call up his admonitions to him from below.

Above the apricot trees towered thirty majestic palms, their fernlike fronds splayed like open fingers against the starry sky.

Among them, Ave Mar immediately recognised several famous temples which had been built in ancient times and had towered high over all the other buildings of that period.

All around him the baobab trees towered, except directly back of the lodge, where the mountain began.

The black man towered above the white, but even his magnificent proportions could not overshadow the sinewy physique of the pirate.

In Outer Court, looking now so vast and solemn in the silence of its snow, Bunning, stopping, pointed to the grey buildings that towered over them.

And round the rocks crept flowered vines, And clomb the trees that towered high -- The type of a lofty thought that twines Around a truth -- to touch the sky.

Eventually, Dod found a cozy spot where three tall pine trees towered above.

It was half-past six, and we were tired and hungry, when the domain of Egger towered in sight,--a gaunt, two-story structure of raw brick, unfinished, standing in a narrow intervale.

To the right towered the majestic peak of Etna, its crest just now golden red in the dying sunset.

The way wound through enchanted parks to a mighty wall that towered a hundred feet in air.

Then, as the Martian towered overhead scarcely a couple of hundred yards away, I flung myself forward under the surface.

Its gleaming branches now towered above her head, white wooden arms outstretched to the clear winter sky, laden with bright blossoms.

The junior officers all towered over Hipple, but he dominated nonetheless.

The iconostasis towered up to a crucifix high in the lantern dome, supported by tier upon tier of pillars, angels and cherubs, the transparent icons, painted on glass, glowing with light and impressing the fashionably-dressed guests to a suitably reverent quietness.