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tower block
▪ And new cars shed their value faster than a Steinway falls from the top of a tower block.
▪ Competition entrants are asked to look at how to transform the tower block typology into a new type of community.
▪ It is the withdrawal of this assurance that contributes to the widespread dissatisfaction with home life in a tower block.
▪ Only from the windows of a derelict tower block squatted by women was there any deliberately hostile response.
tower block

n. tower consisting of a multistoried building of offices or apartments; "`tower block' is the British term for `high-rise'" [syn: high-rise]

Tower block

A tower block, high-rise, apartment tower, residential tower, apartment block, block of flats, or office tower is a tall building or structure used as a residential and/or office building. In some areas it may be referred to as an "MDU", standing for "Multi Dwelling Unit". In the United States, such a structure is referred to as an apartment building or office building, while a group of such buildings is called an apartment complex or office complex.

High-rise buildings became possible with the invention of the elevator (lift) and cheaper, more abundant building materials. The materials used for the structural system of high-rise buildings are reinforced concrete and steel. Most North American style skyscrapers have a steel frame, while residential blocks are usually constructed of concrete. There is no clear difference between a tower block and a skyscraper, although a building with fifty or more stories is generally considered a skyscraper.

High-rise structures pose particular design challenges for structural and geotechnical engineers, particularly if situated in a seismically active region or if the underlying soils have geotechnical risk factors such as high compressibility or bay mud. They also pose serious challenges to firefighters during emergencies in high-rise structures. New and old building design, building systems like the building standpipe system, HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), fire sprinkler system and other things like stairwell and elevator evacuations pose significant problems. Studies are often required to ensure that pedestrian wind comfort and wind danger concerns are addressed. In order to allow less wind exposure, to transmit more daylight to the ground and to appear more slender, many high-rises have a design with setbacks.

Apartment buildings have technical and economic advantages in areas of high population density, and have become a distinctive feature of housing accommodation in virtually all densely populated urban areas around the world. In contrast with low-rise and single-family houses, apartment blocks accommodate more inhabitants per unit of area of land and decrease the cost of municipal infrastructure.

Tower Block (film)

Tower Block is a British thriller film directed by James Nunn and Ronnie Thompson at their directorial debut, and written by James Moran. The film stars Sheridan Smith, Jack O'Connell, Ralph Brown, and Russell Tovey and entails residents of a block of flats targeted by an unseen sniper after witnessing the murder of a teenager. Tower Block was theatrically released in the United Kingdom on 21 September 2012 and was also the closing film at the 2012 FrightFest Film Festival.

Usage examples of "tower block".

Mucklands Wood was the home of the Trinities, a bleak tower block housing estate which the city council had thrown up in the first couple of years after the Fens flooded.

He was thrown back against a tall wooden flat pretending to be a tower block.

They do not speak again until they come to the final section in the shadow of the tower block.